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My Go-to-class Makeup

This is my long ago drafted blog post. Now, I think it's time for me to publish it since it's rotten in my draft xD Beauty/makeup post take it turns, again. Well here you go, My Go-to Class Makeup.

Carousell - Easy Way to Buy & Sell

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Have you guys ever heard about Carousell? Did you guys already installed Carousell in your phone? Available at Google Play & App Store!

So right now, I would like to share with you guys especially if you are an online shopper or maybe an online seller. Carousell is a must-have app if you're one of them! Why I said so? Okay, I cerita sikit benefits carousell, cara nak dapatkan carousell & even what's in carousell

First of all, buka app store atau google play di smartphone anda. Type carousell and if logo macam ni keluar, tekan download. Selepas habis download, install, sign up for new account. 

Now, you guys dah ada profile sendiri! yeayyy. jangan lupa letak gambar, edit profile di bio tau!

So, ini dikira HOME untuk carousell. Mudahkan? Carousell ni bahagikan kepada beberapa category. Textbook, lifestyle gadgets, photography & all. So that for buyers in case nak cari phone (preloved & new), boleh je straight tekan lifestyle gadget & pang! Keluar semua item2 di lifestyle gadget! Sangat mudah!!! Di button search, you guys can easily put the item you wanna look & straight it brings to you the item you want. Tak perlu terkial-kial macam dekat instagram yang kena letak hashtag #prelovedphone sebab tak ramai seller letak hashtag dekat instagram ni

 Selain itu, you guys juga boleh mendapatkan barang yang diingini mengikut bajet anda. Susah nak cari dalam banyak2 tu? Leceh nak scroll sampai bawah? Haa, dengan Carousell, tak perlu semua tu. hanya type saja barang yang you guys nak. Stated whether nak yang popular post (banyak like & comment) atau yang cari yang recent post (yang baru diupload sampai lah ke lama). Selain itu, terdapat juga column untuk meletakkan harga yang diingini. Contoh nak handbag? Bajet nak dalam RM 30 ke bawah. So you guys boleh je type dekat Price Range cloumn (maximum) RM 30. Kalau boleh, fill juga yang minimum. Letak lah dalam RM 1 sebab biasanya beg yang mahal orang tak letak harga (RM 0). I'm used with that. Dengan cara ni, you guys akan straight dapat tengok semua handbag (new & perloved) yang dijual pada harga RM 30 & kebawah.

So, bagi urusan jual beli, most of the time I usually declaire dekat inbox sebab malas nak interrupt whatsapp which is more to personal matters dengan jual beli barang. So, I selalu deal je dekat inbox. Lagi mudah & cepat! You guys can straight away tekan "chat" button dekat barang yang diminati & deal with the seller! There's also "OFFER" button whgich you guys can offer the seller berapa harga yang you guys nak beli daripada dia. Offer button ni kalau seller accept, you guys boleh exchange feedback! YES, ada feedback button!

Ini dia feedback for my own. Feedback button ni memudahkan pembeli untuk mengesan sama ada seller ni macam mana whether baik atau tak, penipu atau tak, scammer & sebagainya. Dalam jual beli, you guys really need to be honest, kalau kita puas hati dengan dia, leave a "positive feedback", kalau ada yang teka sikit, letak lah komen di "neutral", kalau rasa sangat tak berbaloi atau ada yang tak kena dengan barang atau layanan mahupun cara seller/buyer itu, boleh letak "negative" feedback. This is the best way to aware people to deal with someone. I before beli barang, I selalu refer their feedbacks whether okay or tak, scammer ke apa because sometimes manusia ni kan bukan boleh percaya :)

Bagi seller yang nak mula menjual barang, you guys can simply tekan camera button di bawah (tengah) and letak gambar item korang. Lepastu boleh pilih category untuk item itu (kalau kereta, letak bahagian cars & motor), then letak harga (penting!!!), lepastu boleh letak kawasan untuk COD (cash on delivery) untuk berjumpa atau deal dengan buyer. Jual kereta takkan letak postage pula kan hahahahaha. But for sure, dekat caption item tu, please, letak full-detail suapaya memudahkan pembeli

Btw, if you guys nak beli atau jual di PC, you guys can go to! It is also available in PC, sambil2 blogging boleh shopping!

So you guys, what are you waiting for?! Go download the app now or never! Btw if you want to buy skincare/makeups at the most cheap price, you guys can visit my ig shop or carousell at shoppe_my

Have fun with shopping online. It's all at your fingertips.

Shopping brings satisfaction to girls, that's why

Thank you, readers :)


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