Agree or Disagree with Nadia Nordin


Hi Assalamualaikum everyone.

Well, I bet everyone is aware about Nadia Nordin, am i right? Okay, this post is not really about Nadia nordin because I don't want aib dia & rakannya tu tersebar lagi. It is enough lah siapa yang tahu about nadia Nordin & who doesn't. One more time, I want to highlight here that this post is not about the situation happened!

What I am going to tell you here is are you guys agree or disagree with her action? & also my opinion based on her action.

So, for me, myself, I 50% agree and 50% disagree with her actions. Why I said so?

For the agree part, who doesn't get mad when your love ones cheat on you & the most loyal, trusted friend betray you? Imagine yourself in her situation, you will feel totally mad & broken. Yes, I think I'm going to feel the same as her. I feel so sympathy towards her. I never imagine how would I face that situation if only it happens to me (ya Allah please, I beg you it will never happen).

In some part, I agree when he is mad at her friend and husband but, I couldn't get it when it comes to violence. Yes, it is consider as violence! I know she's having a bad day, but that doesn't mean she can hit her friend like that. She hit her with (idk but sources said) it was botol arak. Imagine, botol arak, kaca, dekat kawan tu. One more thing, the one that recorded the situation, you should not record it & spread it worldwide! It's embrassing the girl that is naked. Yes, Maybe the girl is totally salah sebab berzina dengan husband orang but make it viral with naked body is totally not right. At least, show your manners. Stop your friend (Nadia) from bullying her. Not recording & spread it everywhere!

This thing sould be taken seriously because it is all about violence towards women. I am not bear to see the girl been hit by Nadia continously. And to Nadia's husband, you are really a coward because you slept with your wife's bff. You are totally a piece of whatever! How could you do that to her, how could you broke your wife's heart? Did you think that marriage is just a game? 

To Nadia. I hope your life is getting better after this & may you find happiness elsewhere. Think wisely before taking actions because it can cause many things.

These are some of the nitizens' view towards the situation & Nadia's action


Basically, most of them agree with Nadia's action but they totally disagree with the one who spread the videos worldwide. Girls, please be aware about this story. Even your bestfriends can have the closest knife to your back. Embrace yourself with positive vibes but please do not be a stereotype of person. Jangan lah nak judge "semua lelaki sama je", just stop the phrases. It sicks. 

Whatever it is, may our life is blessed with our loves one. And one more thing, whatever comes up to your life, stand still & never let yourself down because we as a woman stands up for ourself, not because of our surroundings. 

One last thing, some people say that they are too scared to be in marriage life because of this situation. hey girls!!! This thing will not happen to you if you choose the right guy, and the most important thing is to keep positive! Things will not always be the same, keep your head up. Don't be scared to be in love especially to go in marriage phase. This is just a lesson, not a picture of future for yourself. Be positive!!!

Think before you do


  1. Hye i totally agree with you especially part in the video which are Nadia's bff naked ( i didnt see that vid bcus baru tau and they already deleted dat vid and i tau sebab a few people wrote them on thier twitter) Stay strong Nadia i know it breaking your heart.

  2. Kesian Nadia, bila terlalu marah n sedih ,masa tu lah manusia senang hilang pertimbangan...


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