Flirtationship or Friend Zone


Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone.

Okay, for now I would like to make a post about flirtationship & friend zone. What you guys know about these two? Yeah, it seems accurate & same but it is not. At first juga, I thought both of this are the same thing, unfortunately I was wrong. So, I have made some researches on google, internet & some sources about what is flirtationship & what is friend zone.

By the way, I am so sure that these two ada lah kena mengena dengan life readers. Some may not but some may yes. Actually, this is the most interesting topic that I am so excited to write about. Why? I'm in this situation. I can't figure whether I've been friend zoned or this is a flirtationship lol?

Some of you may not know what is flirtationship but it sounds familiar, am I right? Yes, flirtationship is not a well-known thing in this life.

What is Flirtationship?

Flirtationship is two friends who has feelings for each other, act like girlfriend & boyfriend but in fact, they are just friends. Flirtationship is common on teenangers where they are friends but at the same time they act like they are more than friends like sharing all stories together, hanging out all the time & maybe they have their own cute nicknames for each other. Flirtationship happens between two friends (boy & girl) who usually have their own boyfriend and girlfriend but still want to have a side partner which is called flirtationship.

Basically, Flirtationship is a friendship & relationship of two person where they act like best friend & lover at the same time.

Sometimes, flirtationship also occurs when one or both of them are scared to be in relationship because of their past times. It's not like they are having trauma being in love or relationship but it occurs when they already give up to be in the wrong relationship all over again. Isn't it breaking when you get to love someone for the short time & need to start loving the other person all over again. Life is not easy as you thought, same goes about love because for me, this is the most affected thing that happens in my life.

What is Friend Zone?

Friend Zone is where two person which is boy & girl being friends and not more than that. It is usually happens when this two friends started to close to each other but one of them have that love feeling towards another. For example, a girl & a boy being friends since their childhood. Once they become teenagers, the boy have feelings for the girl. Unfortunately, the girl is someone's (or maybe not someone's but she doesn't want to have any relationship with the boy because she thought that boy is just her friend) & that boy is just Friend Zoned by the girl. 

Is friend zone cruel? Hahahahaha I love this kind of question. I have friend zoned a lot of boys out there because I tend not to be in any relationship for now. Maybe for a long period. Yes, friend zone is cruel. But, it is for benefits sometimes. Would you like to in the wrong relationship all over again? NO. Absolutely not. Stop hurting yourself, girls. Embrace yourself with positive vibes & move on. Doesn't mean you do not have boyfriend, you are a loner. Sometimes, the one who has partner is the most loner one. Who knows, right?

To make clear, the space between "girlfriend" and "girl friend" has a very big differences.

What is the difference between Flirtationship & Friend Zone?

Flirtationship : Both sides are agree/make decision/deal to be more than friendship but less than relationship

Friend zone : One side is agree/make decision/deal while the other side feel terrified, but they are not more than friends, they are just friends.

So, are you guys clear what is flirtationship & what is friend zone. So guys, beware with friend zone. It hurts, I know. To get yourself in the very safe place/zone, I suggest you to be in flirtationship rather than relationship because sometimes it might leads to friendzone.


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