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My Go-to-class Makeup

This is my long ago drafted blog post. Now, I think it's time for me to publish it since it's rotten in my draft xD Beauty/makeup post take it turns, again. Well here you go, My Go-to Class Makeup.

Ramen Challenge II


Well, this is my second post about Ramen Challenge I did with my whole squad! Who doesn't like spicy food, you guys can raise your hand! let's be on my team, for sure. Well, I have shared a post of me & my friend had Ramen Challenge before this since it was my very first time makan ramen & yes, I was totally miserable at best. 

So, this is my second one, Ramen Challenge video which has been edited, I hope you guys enjoy watching it! Btw, who ever want to share your experience having this Chicken Spicy Ramen, you guys are pleased to share on the comment box below. And those who ever made Ramen Challenge and wants to share your video, vlog, post or anything with me & other bloggers, you guys are so welcome to put the link on the comment box.

Btw, enjoy watching this miserable video of me and my whole squad. Obviously I am not the winner well I can guarantee that at first. Luckily I am not the last person. So guys, if you haven't try this Ramen, you should & you must! At least, experience it once in your whole life. And if you are not spicy kind of person, you can share it with your friends. Really, you have to taste & experience it at least once. 

So, that's all. This video is uploaded on youtube, you can go straight to my youtube channel at but you don't have to subcribe because I don't post vlog & I'm not a youtuber. It is enough being a part-time blogger lol

Btw, if you want to watch the first Ramen Challenge post, go through this : Ramen Challenge I or you still can go straight to my youtube channel!

Thank you


  1. i really like this ramen but i wish they would tone down the spiciness just a little bit so i can enjoy it in peace without having to reach for glasses upon glasses of ice water hahaaa.

  2. I really love the spiciness of this ramen but my tummy couldn't take it.
    Gastric right away hehehe


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