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Beauty Haul from Hermo

It's already August & I only have one month left before I'm going to start my new semester on September, and will be moving to Rembau, rent a house, no more college 😢 I'm so excited to have a new phase of my student life there as my faculty moved to the new campus (it's full with Kelapa Sawit. Wish me luck)

My Obsession


Everyone has their own obsession towards something whether it is such an activity, drama, movie, stuff & things or even collection. For me, I've been so obsessed about something that almost every week I must have this new collection. At least, a month, I will buy 1 for my own satisfaction. Well, I've been obsessing this quite a long time ago since the first time I own a phone. My truly obsession towards this is when I saw lots of pretty & amazing designs which makes my phone looks better in every way. 

Despite the pricey kind of that thing, I guess it is not really a problem since I can own it at the most cheap price with cool designs. It is just you have to make a wise decision & survey all the shops and stores around you. Well, I bet not everyone is still guessing what is my obsession. So, my obsession is towards phone casing!

I own a lot of phone casings since last year where I bought an iPhone 4. Thinking about selling it since I already own an iPhone 5, I guess that's not a problem to throw away all the cases but, I don't want to. At first, it is a bit hard for me to throw all the cases or even to sell it preloved, however, why should I keep it for? So, I decided to sell it on my Carousell page with the most cheapest price. 

To be truth, when I was using an iPhone 4 for just less than a year, I already bought almost 30 of phone cases so far. Yet it is not a big amount of cases, for me it is a surprisingly of cases I've ever own. I've been using this iPhone 5 for just about 6 months or less, & all I can say is I already own more than 20 pieces of casings! Are you guys excited to see my collection & obsession? Well, since I have a lot of casings, to be really honest, I change my casings every day like how i change my clothes. And every time my friends see it, they will always bickering me for doing so. No one can help it because it is my own obsession, so I have rights on what I am doing. And some of my friends also borrowed some of the casings I own ( it also lessen the expenses for them to buy phone casing I guess) hahahaha. 

So let's see all of these casings I own. I bet you guys, this is not easy to gather all my casings since some of my friends borrow them. & Yes, there's a lot of casings that are not in the picture since my friends borrow them

Yesss I know it is not that much & that is why I really hope that my friends could give them back to me (and some are missing too) too bad. Let's talk about the casings that I love the most. They are all actually has their own sentimental value & unique, amazing, simple but cool design.

These are the 5 favourite casings I have. Actually there is 1 more casing that I totally love the most among the rest but unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found :(

The black is Chanel Purse Inspired Casing which I bought online. It costs RM 30 with postage if I'm not mistaken. I comes with a long strap which I can easily sling it anywhere but I prefer not to have the strap. I usually put on this casing whenever I am too lazy to bring my purse along so I can put the money & the phone along with this designated iPhone 5 casing. It has several pockets where I put my money on.

The next one is pink Hello Kitty casing which I bought at supermarket which costs RM 10 only! I do like it because whenever I put on this casing, it feels good when I hold my phone. The perfect structure & shape of the casing makes me love it even more.

The next one is Rose Gold ft Transparent casing (suka hati I je bagi nama casing ni kan). It is actually a rose-gold colour but it doesn't look like one in the picture. This casing is the most special casing I have because someone owns it too with gold colour (too special, I guess). I bought it two, one is with me & the other one (gold colour) is with someone in somewhere in this world. Well, you know... hahaha

Next is the 4 Layer Glitter Casing which I bought at RM 15 if I'm not mistaken. The thing I love about this casing is the design is so colourful & cheerful. Plus, this casing is quite thicker than any other casing so it makes my phone looks a little big & wide. Plus, I love colourful things. It brings good mood!

The last one is Mickey Ears Casing. I bought it at RM 10 only. It comes with glitter background with unique Mickey Mouse's Ears along! My friends also compliment my casing which is totally cute & unique, thus I love it.

So, I bet most of you have your own obsession towards something too. What's yours?


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