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Well, it's been a long time since the day I wanted to write & post about this, but I couldn't get enough tips yet. But now, I am able to put all the ideas in one post for all drivers out there. I was so eager to post about this since I met & faced many stupid & uneducated drivers all around Malaysia.

I lived in Melaka, & tbh, they said that Malaccan has a lot of uneducated drivers. Yes, I admit it! I'm not saying that I'm a good & best driver but I can conclude that most WOMEN are not good in driving. Don't want to look good, but this is totally the truth behind everything. Men is quick thinking & that's why they are able to good at driving (but all men okay), while women totally lack about it.

I have faced many stupid drivers out there & most of them are women, of course! The thing about driving is not really about 'good academics provide good education', NO NO NO. If you only good at your academics, that doesn't mean you are good at education & it is, driving education!

I have met with some kind of drivers who is not giving signals, who park their car in 2 spaces (and I ever met 3 spaces he took lol wtf), the one that drives their car so slow but taking the right lane, the one that drive their car & taking 2 lanes and some more.

So, here are the rules for those who haven't take their driving license or the one that already have their driving license but need to educate some.

1. Signal
Well, signal is the most important thing that you should do while driving, Whenever you want to change your lane, get into the other route, signal is a must! That is because signal is to aware the other drivers that is around you to stay alert in changes you make, or else it can cause accident! Even in your kampung or taman perumahan sekalipun, try to practice giving signals because it is important! And, if your car stops at the side road, do not forget to give double signal or even one signal to aware the drivers to look out especially lorries, trucks and buses drivers because sometimes these huge vehicles could not see your car especially at night.

2. Parking
When you park your car, please let your car in the parking space really good. It doesn't matter if you park your car tilted or what, make sure it is right in your parking space. So not let your car park out of the line especially if it takes other's car park space. It could be a trouble & make the other people hard to park their car since you take their space! One more thing, please respect the special parking space which is usually at public places (shopping mall, R&R, bus station, etc) for OKU. Please, put some manners in yourself.

3. Lane
If you think you are driving so slow, please make sure to take the most left lane. If you think you want to take off those slow cars, take the right lane. And if your car is at moderate speed, take the middle lane. Please, especially to all who drives their car so slow, please don't take the right lane. It cause too much trouble. And in case you realised some cars await you at the back, move to the other lane. And please, look for your own lane. See the lane, the line on the road. Do not go straight as it takes you comfortable, if the lane goes bent, you should follow! Not follow the straight road but the lane bent a bit! (how to study those driver *sigh*)

4. Lights
Some drivers tend to set their vehicle with high beam. Huh, Dear drivers, you are not the only person who have car and please aware of the other drivers. If you set on high beam, then the car in front will face dazzle. Silau nak mati tahu tak!!! And the car from the opposite lane will not able to see the road clearly cause by the high beam! I don't care about your expensive, imported car tu lansung kalau bab jalan raya pun tak reti. You're not the only person who owns that kind of car, do not be an idiot.

5. Take Off
If you are willing to take off slow car especially at kampung (biasanya memang jalan kampoung yang ada satu lorong), you should give them high beam & thus, the taken off car should slower their car a bit to let the car taking off yours easily. Do not be an as***** bila ada kereta nak potong, lagi kau lajukan kereta kau. Ewaaahhh nak tunjuk gangster.

6. Mirrors
Side mirrors are very important. To change your lane, to see angle to park your car or whatever it is, side mirror is the most important thing you must aware and take care of. Most drivers doesn't use their side mirrors, I don't even know why or did you guys never realized the existence of the side mirror ha???!!!

I have nothing much to say, this is all I can say but there are much, you know. Maybe, there will be on-the-road-study 2 coming right after this...? Stay tuned anyway, have a nice day everyone!

Drive safe, drive smart!

I'm tired of getting my grammar correct, so let it be. Kalau ada salah tu tolong lah maafkan 


  1. oh my god! I'm so totally agree with you! :)
    walaupun kita pemandu perempuan pun but still ramai sangat pemandu perempuan yang lain masih sangat kurang cekap memandu, yg memandu mengikut emosi and doesn't care about other drivers. huhu


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