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What's On My Phone?


Phone is my favourite gadget. Instead of having a tab or iPad, I, myself prefer to stick on with my own phone. Regardless with what phone I own right now, phone is everything I can say. With my phone, I store everything in there. My schedule, important notes and messages. I bet, most of you have some applications that are totally must-download in your phone. Same goes to me! I don't download all the applications and let it mess my phone, but I compile everything depends on their sections to one. It makes me easy to find the application I want to use.
So, basically, I can say that social media is the most important applications that we should download from the first time we are having the phone. Yes, totally. For me, myself, even though I am not active in certain social media, I still download it just for my own needs purpose. I don't really use Facebook, Blogger, Carousell & Youtube on my phone but having them in my phone is a must.

So, here are the applications I install & ready in my phone which I compile them together based on their sections. 

*what a loner, nobody texts or whatsapp me*

Okay, there it is! I compile all the applications based on the sections of music, social, photography, games, utilities & navigation.

For me, whatsapp is a very-must-have application to be in everyone's phone. With the use of whatsapp, it makes everything easy with the use of the most least data & also, whatsapp connects you with everyone! For instagram, it is also a must have for me since I love to post pictures & also picture of my own blog. There, somehow I gain viewers. Twitter is the best place for me to talk & say things that crossed my mind. I also share a lot about my blog on twitter, and basically I get information to write on blog also from the twitter. Twitter is also a place for me to find idea to write! Wechat is a no-use application but I'm not uninstalling it since I need it for free VIP ticket in Joox. Carousell is sometimes I use to look for stuff I wanted to buy but I rarely use it now since it's been a long I did not shop online. Facetime is the most useful application if I want to make a video call with my friend with long distance ("friend" ke? hahaha). Snapchat is no longer I use since the appearance of 'My Story' on Instagram. I don't know whether I would like uninstall it but I think not the right time. Facebook & Messenger is too rarely I use. Especially Messenger, I never use actually. Facebook is installed just for me to quick share the link of post I posted to my friends!

Music & Photography
In Music section, there are only 4 apllications which is Music, JOOX, YouTube & iTunes Store. Obviously, I only use JOOX & YouTube since it's a waste for me to purchase songs from iTunes Store. I never use them. If only I could uninstall or rid them away from my phone, I will. Well JOOX is the most amazing music downloader I ever had that's why I love it so much. For YouTube, I rarely listen to songs through it. YouTube is used for me to watch Vines Videos or short drama. That's all.

For Photography, there are Pixlr, Photos, Boomerang, Videos, VivaVideo & VSCO. Pixlr is usually used to edit the photos that will be uploaded on my igshop. It is used to add text on the photo or maybe collage the photos. I rarely use it now since I did not active on my igshop but i will soon with the new product! Photos is obviously where all the photos is saved & stored. Boomerang is for my own enjoyment (and my friends). That makes my phone is loaded with boomerang videos. Videos is just where the videos are stored. VivaVideo is where I edit the videos I take with my friends or even myself just for my own satisfaction & just for fun. VSCO is no longer use but I don't know why I did not uninstall it, now I will.

Utilities & Navigation
Utilities is where everything that probably helps me are stored. Settings where obviously where you set your wallpaper, ringtone & everything there. Podcass, I never use it since the first day I use this phone so... hahahaha. Next is safari where I use a lot to stalk my own blog if anything does not right especially on mobile's view. App Store is where I install & update applications, of course. Mail is rarely use since I downloaded Gmail for my own use because gmail apps is way better than Mail because it is sometimes confusing. maybank MY is my online banking for MayBank but so far, I haven't made any transaction through it, just waiting for the right time. Hotlink RED is used for me to check my balance & if I wanted to buy the internet, I will buy through Hotlink RED to get discount & offer! iCloud Drive is where I store my works or assignment just as spare part in case something happens to my laptop. 

Navigation is all about map. Compass is so far no use. Waze is the most useful application whenever i wanna go somewhere I'm not used to be (luar Melaka, for sure) and it is always up-to-date so no worries, no lost. Find iPhone is still unuse since nobody lost their phone & need mine to check theirs. Find Friends is no use so far, what for btw? Maps is also no use since I have Waze app! Swarm is kinda a half social media where I earn coins, check in with my friends to places I go. I love to play the game to collect the coins even though it is just for fun!

I downloaded 3 games in my phone, actually there's a lot more before but i'm not a phone-game lover. I prefer to play online games through my laptop at Y8. What a legend kind of website, isn't it? So, the Angry Birds 2 is usually played by me when I want to & when I feel so lost of what to do. For Tricky, it is the best game I ever play since it tests our skill & mind. It is all about thinking out of the box. Unfortunately, you need to update it every week to get the 10 new questions & yes, it is a long time to wait. Too bad. Pokemon GO! Who is not Pokemon GO player? Well, you can't be on my team. I am Pokemon GO player but I'm not the one who obsessed playing it. Well, Pokemon GO is quite fun where you can see where the Pokemon in real situation where you are now even through your phone camera. It is still nice.

So, these are all the applications where some I wisely use, rarely use & no use at all. So what are yours? Try to make a post about this too! 


C i k R e n e x said…
Sama, suka buat folder senang nak cari apps tu nti

Idea yang bagus untuk next entry blog Cik Renex. :)
Erin Azmir said…
you should try Spotify app for your music. i love it!
Noor Maizan said…
I also classified my apps based on their section.

Hihihi, it's a very good idea to write a post about this, will do soon.
hazwani yusof said…
spotify is one of the best should try it. hehe
I think I should download tricky since it is about skills
such a great info :)

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