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This topic crossed my mind when i was studying for my final exam paper which is Interpersonal Communication. In chapter 9 in the book, the topic is Interpersonal Relationships : Friendship & Romance which is the most favorite chapter for me. Since this chapter is for my final exam & I studied it well, I think it is one of the best topic for me to share with you guys! Well, there are some cool & informative topics i would like to share with you in this book, just stay tuned but for now, let us talk about 6 Types of Love.

Love, is where two people have feelings of romance towards each other. There are 2 parts of love which are Passionate Love & Companionate Love. Passionate Love means to establish attraction to, interest in and focus on one person and usually, but not always, declines in the early years of marriage. For Companionate Love, it means love that develops over time as partners become more entwined, mutually responsive to needs, and attached, while feelings of trust & caring increase.

For the 6 types of love, it was created by a sociologist, John Alan Lee. So, here we go, 6 types of love.

1. Eros

Eros is sexual love based on the pursuit of beauty and pleasure. The physical need for sex brings many couple together, nowadays. Erotic lovers crave for sexual intimacy and passionately seek sexual activity to satisfy their need. Sexual attraction brings special needs and emotions to a relationship and sometimes obscuring other concerns. Shakespeare described this phenomenon when he wrote "But love is blind, and lovers cannot see the petty folly that themselves commit". Basically, Eros kind of love is a love based on sexual only, not only because of attachment to another person. 

2. Ludis

Ludis describes love as game. It is something to pass the time. Ludic lovers are not seeking for long-term relationship; but they seek immediate gratification and their partners' affection. Their goal is to be in love and to enjoy their partners' rather than to achieve a sexual victory. Early dating relationships are often of a ludic type. Going on a date to a junior high dance is casual pleasure. it is not a prelude to a lifelong commitment. Ludis lasts as long as the partners have fun and find the relationship mutually satisfying. As a conclusion for Ludis, it is basically a love for having fun, for a short-term relationships which are usually done by teenagers.

3. Storge

It is the sort of love found in most friendships and in relationships with siblings and other family members. Sexual consummation is not a factor in this sort of love, although sexual attraction may be present. A Storgic relationship usually develops over a long period of time,  and it is solid and more resistant to change than erotic love. Trust, caring, and compassion are high while the selfishness is low. It is a natural love that we have in ourself towards our family member. Who doesn't love our family & friends, don't we?

4. Mania

Mania describes a love relationship that swings wildly between extreme highs and lows. A manic lover is obsessed with the relationship with the other person. Each of the lovers may have an insatiable need for attention, often fueled by low self-esteem. To be simple, it is an obsessive love driven by mutual needs.

5. Pragma

Pragma is a root word of pragmatic, meaning practical. This kind of relationship works because the partners' individual requirements, personalities, backgrounds, likes and dislikes are compatible. In some cultures, parents prearrange marriages because of pragmatic concerns, and if the couple is lucky, passion develops the relationship takes its course.

6. Agape

Agape love is based on a spiritual idea of love. It involves giving oneself and expecting nothing in return. This kind of "pure" love may characterize the relationship between a parent and a child, or the relationship between a spiritual leader and his or her followers. In a very simple words, agape is a selfless love based on giving of yourself for others. 

So, here are all 6 types of love that I learn from my course. So, how many types of love you are in? Share it with me! If you think this post is quite interesting to share, don't forget to share on the social link below! Thank you for reading btw

I'd rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else. I'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe & warm by myself. I'd rather have hard times together than to have it easy apart. i'd rather to have the one who holds my heart. 

(The statement is paraphrased by me from its source)

Source : Interpersonal Communication : Relating to Others by Beebe et al. in 7th Edition (Pearson)


  1. Storge - Of course I love my family and friends. hahaha
    Agape - The unconditional love to my nieces and nephew.
    Untuk boyfriend tak boleh identify pula which types of love. HAHAHA.


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