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Beauty Haul from Hermo

It's already August & I only have one month left before I'm going to start my new semester on September, and will be moving to Rembau, rent a house, no more college 😢 I'm so excited to have a new phase of my student life there as my faculty moved to the new campus (it's full with Kelapa Sawit. Wish me luck)

December Bloglist


It's near to the end of November so let's start my new monthly routine to post an entry about being my bloglist! Do not worry guys, you only have to follow the most simple rules you will ever see on this earth (yeah right, whatever). 

So, let me highlight on the objectives in doing this bloglist segment.

1. I want to gain your blog's viewers, readers & followers.
2. I will always visit your blog (I try my best to visit your blog DAILY)
3. It's free, why not?

Why not we help each other in blogging, am I right? So anyone wants to be in my December Bloglist, you guys are pleased to follow the rules properly. I really wish you guys are.

The rules are totally simple :

1. Comment on this post YOUR OWN POST LINK that you think is interesting for people to read (I wanna read it. Just one post)
2. Follow the rules.
You don't have to make an entry about this segment. And if you don't want to follow my blog then it's okay. I wanna help you, not torture you.

Simple & easy, right? Just follow these 2 rules & you'll be in my December Bloglist. Open for 5 lucky bloggers (tu pun kalau ada yang nak join lah). Those lucky bloggers will be announced through your cbox/chatbox/shoutbox or post comment. I will update the name of my December Bloglist on 1st December 2016. Lucky bloggers will be chosen using because I want it to be fair & square.

Due date : 28th November 2016

Thank you, mind to shout to your friends to join my bloglist segment!


  1. I join okay Azreen! Harap2 dpt lah jadi bloglist Azreen sbb I love to read your blog <3

    Here's the link:

  2. Saya join :D

    Nahh, tak sure ini post terbaik atau tak T_T

  3. I'm in :)

  4. Nak join! :)

  5. joined :D

    *sorry kalau x menarik. heheh

  6. Hana join! :D :D :D

  7. okay ..i m in :D
    why this entry? you read it and you will know keke

  8. Saya join boleh ?
    Ini url blog saya : Staedtler pensil terbaik untuk anak

  9. Bestnya!~ Thanks for the opportunity! Join jugak ya..
    ieyra h. | blog

  10. Cik Renex join.

  11. Nak join! hihihi

  12. hi. Cik Zue nak join :)


  13. I want to join it xD



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