Today is My Birthday!


It's a blessing 3rd January, today is my Birthday!!! Well, I would like to wish for myself, Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday! I am no longer a teen, stepping right now into adult phase is a blessing I can say.

I am now have to act & think like an adult. Huh, I never thought that I will be at this stage so fast. This post is for me to share with you my pictures when I was 12 until 20, right now!

2009 - 12 years old

8 years ago, I was a messy school girl you had ever seen in your entire life. What is makeup btw? I never know & never want to wear makeup like how this new generation who is 12 years old, putting so much makeups on their faces. I was like, WOW! What just happen to this world? Makeup hitting the earth or something?

2010 - 13 years old

I have deleted so many pictures of me in the past so I have no solo photo but here I am with my friend during our 'nerdy & innocent' year in the school. I think I'm cute, who cares.

2012 - 14 years old

This picture was taken when the Teacher's Day celebration in my school is held. This year (2011) is the best year of celebration ever since I was in high school. Wish I could turn back time.

2012 - 15 years old

This is my PMR year. Well, I could say that I did not struggle so much on my PMR because all I think that time was freedom & what course should I take after PMR, but Alhamdulillah, I am so proud of my PMR result. Couldn't ask for more x

2013 - 16 years old

This is my fcuking culture shock year I guess. This year is highly popular with colour blocking & much more trendy clothes you could wear. When I saw this picture, I kinda want to laugh & cry at the same time but this year is awesome!

2014 - 17 years old

This picture taken when I was exactly 17 years old, at the end of the year. I faced SPM this year & I got into PLKN! PLKN was so fun I couldn't tell you any longer. You really should experience it then you will know how fun is PLKN.

2015 - 18 years old

I want my fair tone face years back when I was 18 😡 In just don't want that lame face hahaha. This is the year where I was working before I got into UiTM. For almost a year, I worked at a shoe outlet in Tesco & been transfered to that outlet in AEON Melaka. It was such a meaningful & wonderful experience!

2016 - 19 years old

My last teen has just ended. I feel like I am more to lady-like when I was 19. Teen years has passed & now I'm 20! You know what, I have to do a lot of things. I need to think more about my future than my untold & unsure stories about love, friends & something that is likely to be ignored by me.

2017 - 20 years old

This is finally me in 2017 when I am finally 20! Guess what, this is my first 2017 picture hahahaha but thank God I am already at this phase & still breathing in this world for 20 years. More years to come, InsyaAllah.

Things go by & I need to focus more on myself, my achievement, my goals & even my needs. I should not think about other things because I am so done with people around me. When you get older, you have more friends & at the same time, you will see who is your true friend.

People can fake a smile, same goes to fake their friendship with us. Not all of them be friends with us sincerely. They want benefit. 

So, this is me at 20! So thankful for people who is right there for me when I was at my deepest all the way long in 20 years. Thank you so much in this 20 years because it has taught me a lot about life. Once again, Happy Birthday myself & Happy Birthday to all January-ans!



  1. Happy Birthday, Azreen :)
    May Allah grant you happiness and bless you always :)

  2. Happy birthday to you and may you have a blast birthday ahead..May Allah bless you always and forever.. :D

  3. Puberty hits you right. Not like you look any less cuter before :)

    and happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday mate. And .... Happy New Year :D

  5. Selamat hari jadi dan selamat tahun baru.. :D sambut birthday kat lua?

  6. happy birthday Azreen.. may Allah bless you always.. Semoga rezeki bertambah-tambah lagi.. amin :)

    Jemput join ye birthday girl :)

  7. Semakin manis bergaya...Happy birthday awak...

  8. You become so much prettier! Happy birthday :)

  9. Happy 20th Birthday. May Allah bless you with everything you do 😊

  10. Happy birthday dik :) Moga Allah melimpahkan rezeki lebih banyak tahun ini. Aaminn. sekarang makin cantik dan lebih matang. banyak sungguh beza tu dr 12 thn hingga skrg. hehe. dah boleh kawin. hehe

  11. selamat hari jadi,azreen.awak semakin cantik dan flawless :)

    btw umor kita sebaya,salam kenal :)

  12. ayyy happy 20th birthday, Azreen! may Allah bless you :D

  13. Am i the only person that got to know yr birthday only today (4/1) ? So sorry sis, btw belated happy birthday. Cheers for 20. Stay pretty and gorgeous. Cant help, but love yahhh.

  14. @FatinaThank you so much Tina, May Allah bless you :D

  15. @Flavnesz Thank you so much! Maqy Allah bless u too

  16. @Nurul RasyaHahaha I guess not really. Btw Thank you!

  17. @Reen JohariThank you & selamat tahun baru juga. Yesss

  18. @Nurul SyahirahThank you so m,uch! May Allah bless you too

  19. @Syaza RaihanahThank you so much! May Allah bless you too

  20. @cikkyra blogspotThank you much! May Allah bless you. Tengah cari jodoh ni hahaha

  21. @Int.QillxhHahaha it's okay! Thank u so much & May Allah bless you too :D

  22. belated happy birthday! hope u had a good one, happy new year too! :)

  23. happy belated birthday dik. may allah bless you. :)

  24. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one! and, cantiknya awak!~ :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  25. hi. jmput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini


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