Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest

Guys, it's my first time to take part in Lazada's blogger contest since I have missed a lot previously. Now is the perfect time for to take part! Yay to me. Apart from that, the due date is quite long compared to before, so I am not going to miss this chance!

I bet most of you guys had ever joined the contests by Lazada? And maybe most of you have had purchased some items from Lazada, I do, too!

Let's get started!

a) Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how your experience?

I do remember. My first product that I bought online was a peplum I bought on Instagram with only RM 20 & I don't like it; I wore it one or twice. I was kinda disappointed but what can I do. The material is bad and not as what I expected it will be.

b) Which types of products would you prefer buying online?

Well, I guess I prefer buying well-known makeup products online since I can get a cheaper price for it online compared to walk-in. However, I only bought those makeps at trusted web sellers such as Lazada because it's trusted and I guarantee it is 100% authentic.

c) What to you love about online shopping?

What I love about online shopping is that I could get better price than walk-in price and it's amazingly feels like I received a gift from someone xD It's true, guys. Whenever I received my parcel, I excited the most compared to walk-in purchase. Plus, it is easy & I can take much time I want so I don't have to annoy the seller.

d) Which products did you buy or planning to buy on Lazada during Online Revolution sales?

I am looking on some products, which I think I really should grab during the Online Revolution sales.

Heels? Of course! I am so in love with Strappy Dress Heels from CarloRino as it has a unique style that attracts me. Since it is faux leather, I am very sure that it is comfortable to wear!

Next, the Perfect Bean Bag in purple so it will be easier for me to blog while chilling with this comfy bean bag. Plus, the price is really affordable & lower compared to other online shops!

last but not least, the Anti-Skid Super Soft fuggy Rug! Besides I love the material, I can also use this rug for the backdrop purpose as my flatlay to shoot for my blog! How amazing it is, I think so.

So? Aren't they interesting? Bloggers, what are you waiting for? It's time to blog your own choice & win great prizes from Lazada! The contest of Online Revolution takes place from 11 November to 14 December 2017! You still have time to blog about this! 

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  1. good luck

  2. I joined the contest too, so good luck to both of us! Hehe 😊

  3. Good luck


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