August feat New Goals

How time flies so fast. I just remember the day my I celebrated my birthday where I think not really the best moment in January but hey, it’s August already, national month of Malaysia! I am sitting at home, jobless & carless, so I would be sitting at home 24/7 watching drama and maybe… start doing something productive! Yes, it is.

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Well August has come & I am very excited to tell you guys some of my goals that I want to do starting on August. This is the lists of the things I am proudly say I want to do, and I am determined to do. Pray for me!

It’s been really really a long time ago I do sweat myself. I am now looking for time for me to sweat again, I would like to jog maybe around parks because it’s not that I want a skinny body because my body is bloody skinny, but I want a very healthy life. I want to start a new phase of myself & I want to sure myself that I would make it as soon as possible. Within this month.

Apart from that, I would like to get a flat belly because I am insecure with my belly that is so big especially when I finish my meal. I think I need to get a flat stomach & start working the ass out because I need that vase shape!

I want to start reading a book
I always read Fatina’s blog about the books she review but honestly I’m not into reading books, unless factual books something like that. I mean those novels are not my type. I don’t like to read books even though I’ve tried so many times to at least finish the book. I do not have a lot of books in my room, but I have plenty because I love to buy, instead of reading it.

I have read some books but it ended up halfway & I lost interest to read & it keeps going & until today, I stop reading any books, even online books. I was once loved to read Wattpad but again, it ended up halfway. I am now trying my best to improve my language which I know is very bad, so I am aiming to read a book starting the 1st August, but I am not sure when will I finish it, but I will try my best to keep up reading it because it is not important when I finish the book, it is very very important for me to keep on reading instead of just reading tweets. Ugh.

Stop posting everything on Social Media
I am a social media addict. I love to scroll social media especially Twitter and Instagram for hours because not to deny, Twitter has been a good info for me sometimes, it has new info, news and some much more stories that educate & entertain people.

However, I found out that posting everything we do in our daily life is not a good thing to do. Our life needs to have some privacy, people doesn’t have rights to know what we’ve been doing the whole day. But again, Stories on Instagram is where the memories are kept. But maybe I need to lessen the stories I post on Instagram, unless the highlights of the day.

These are the things I could think that I want to change starting from today because I do think that I procrastinate a lot in doing these kinds of thing. I hope you guys could give me some motivation and support to successfully doing everything I listed on. Who made the changes if it’s not myself, huh? I will update you guys if I have had done/progressing any of these at the end of the month!


  1. I want to start reading a book too but, I don't know which one buku yang best untuk baca dulu haha

    1. For me, I love those novels with funky title. Sebab tu jiwa i hahaha


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