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Maggi Pedas Giler (Unfair) Challenge

Hi guys! So I did this Maggi Pedas Giler (but unfair) Challenge featuring myself & my friend, Hani on this video on YouTube! It would be great if you could show us support by watching this video on my YouTube channel.

The purpose of this video is just for fun & to fill our weekend previously so it would be great if you guys could spend your 10 minutes ONLY watching this. 

P/s: I am sorry that I have been hiatus on my blog for almost 2 months because you have no idea how insane my Degree schedule is. I will try my best to post one or two content for a month, I will make it possible, InsyaAllah. Til the next post!



  1. If I eat that I'd have to sleep in the bathroom.
    I envy everyone who could overcome spicy food.

    1. Hahahahaha I love spicy food tapi tu lah, weak as$

  2. I'll never eat spicy ramen again. I learned it the hard way with Samyang.

    1. Samyang is just too plain in taste. Not even my favourite


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