Ramen Challenge I


Hi & Assalamualaikum Guys!

Today, I'm going to share with you my experience when i'm having spicy ramen. Well, I love to give it a try but then, ah. It's too spicy that I can't handle it. I bet you guys are so familiar with 'Ramen Challenge' that has been spreaded all over Malaysia. Yes, I have made the challenge too, twice.

The spicy ramen is totally spicy, burst your mouth out. I swear, I really can't handle the spiciness of the ramen but the ramen tastes good! I'm not a spicy kind of person but I bet to you guys that this Ramen is quite good.

I am so miserable when having the ramen. Well, since Elia & I (berdua je buat challenge) so you guys can predict the winner? OBVIOUSLY not me. Hahahaha so guys, enjoy watching my Ramen Challenge Video on Youtube!

updated 27/9 : This is the new video that has been updated & edited by me :D

I did the challenge 2 times, the second time is with my whole squad. Will update to you guys later because the video is too long (approx 18 mins). I'll cut the unimportant part, so stay tuned!

P/s : I'm not a youtuber so you guys do not have to subcribe my youtube channel


  1. edit lah kat viva video bagi laju so takpayah cut dah :D

  2. memang pedas sangat tapi siapa sangka yang pedas2 nie lah elsa telan seminggu sekali huhuhu apa apa pun tahniah sebab tahan pedas hehe

  3. i can handle sambal belacan so i tought im gonna be fine , but this ramen was so badass. HAHAHA


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