10 Things That Annoy Me


Things are not always perfect, but we can make it perfect. In order to live in this world, not everything is going to be perfect as we expected. There are some things & people that are happening & thinking the same we want it to. So, that is why I tend to make this post, which is '10 Things That Annoy Me' in order to tell you guys what are those things that annoy me a lot. Well, in some way, I try so hard not to care about it & let this thing be. But when I grew older, these things are totally into my nerves. I just can't handle with these people especially that annoys me a lot in certain situation.

Btw, I wanna say sorry if I ever make mistakes in grammar because I'm not really good at grammar but English is okay.

Thus, I have listed 10 things that annoy me a lot & I guess the 10 of it are just some of the annoying things that ever happen to my life. I bet, some of the annoying things that annoy me is also yours, hence we are in the same team if only you think the same way! So, here we go the 10 Things That Annoy Me.

1. People Who Did Not Prepare Their Cash At The Counter
I am very sick of those people who did not prepare their cash at the counter. They just wait until the cashier done scanning the items, pack the items in plastic bags & tell them the total of the bulks item & after that then they start to look for their purse in their big & uncluttered bag. Well, time is ticking, there are more people waiting to pay for their things. How can you not get prepare earlier. At least, the time when the cashier is scanning your things, try to prepare the cash with the approx of the total of those stuff. I did that because I don't want to annoy the cashier & the people that is lining up to pay because it could take some time! Please guys, do not ever do that. Prepare earlier.

2. People Who Block The Way
It happens, always, in the shopping mall. Imagine yourself want to get along the way but there are some people who block your way by just standing at the center of the hall way. Can you imagine? I really get mad when these kind of people does. The moment when I say 'excuse me', they started to starring at me like I'm the one who is wrong. Like, why are you standing & blocking my way, btw? So, please. Aware of your surrounding. Think about others too. You're not the only person in this world. Mind others

3. Slow Car Taking The Right Lane
This is kinda accurate with my previous post On-the-Road Study very well. I really hate those cars that drive too slow but taking the right lane. If you think you are not driving your car fast, then please have a manner to move to the next lane. These kind of people get into my nerves sebab bila I want to hurry for something, I am the one that have to change my lane & taking off the slow car with the left lane. Sometimes, I do give high beam to give signal to them, unfortunately these kind of drivers are too uneducated about it.

4. Waiting People
Whenever i go out with my friends, I can say that most of the time, I am the one who drive & pick my friends from home. What can I say here is I hate waiting. Whenever I call or text them that I am just around the corner at their house, I expect them to wait me outside their house & getting themselves prepared. Unfortunately, I was wrong. They reply me 'okay' but when I arrived right in front their house, they said that 'wait a minute. Gonna put on tudung', 'Jap, tak siap' and all. I was like, I informed them before I go out to pick them, I informed them when I started to leave and I also informed them when I'm about to reach their house. I really don't like when I said I'm just nearby your house, get ready but they are still inside & blablabla

5. People Taking Off My Line
This happens every time especially at the bank & shopping mall. I'm lining up to pay for the bill or the items. Then, there will be usually 'makcik' who is always taking off my line. They are not so old, but at the average rate of age. I don't even know why they did so, but am I not exist??? I'd ever say 'excuse me' & she said sorry but then she asked me to let her go first then I said okay but inside, I am totally get fcuked up just why did it be like that? Everyone is lining up but why did not you, right?

6. Lecturer's being Favoritism
I bet most of you ada face dengan lecturer yang pilih kasih, not only lecturers but maybe the people around you but what makes me annoy the most is when the lecturers are being too favoritism towards their students that they think is possible to be great. Well, I am currently hate the lecturer who did so since they are only focus on their students that they think have potential. If only you (the lecturer) want to know, your favourite student is the one who did not did his assignment peoperly & always missed the meeting for the assignment & he is also gave us excuses in meeting. When we did the presentation, she mad at us but not to the student who is like a gold in her eyes. Just stop doing that, it sucks

7. My Food is Late To Be Served
This that annoys me a lot is when my food is totally late to be served on my table while my friends or family are all food has been served completely. It's like wasting my time waiting for food to be ready. And things I hate is when everyone has done eating theirs while I am still waiting for mine. Ugh, it feels like I'm a lame between all of my friends. 

8. My Phone Stuck
Well I guess I'm the only who gets annoyed with this situation where when your phone is stuck! Yes, probably I faced this many times so that's why. The most mad situation is when I am urgently need to use my phone for something but it stucked & switched off itself. Well I guess my phone has a bit problem but it totally messed with me.

9. Ironing Scarf
Who doesn't like to iron their scarf? Me! It is really a big trouble for me. My blouses are rarely need to be ironed so whenever I need to hurry, scarf is the most sticky thing that I need to iron because it takes time & easily wrinkles. I am not the type that can keep my scarf ironed for days, I don't even know why but all the time, I need to iron it all over again. But, pashmina is the best scarf ever because I don't have to iron it & it is easily to wear!

10. Makeup Not On Point
Whenever my makeup is not on point, I will get mad & not in mood to go out, but still I wanna go out with my friends or even alone. Whenever my makeup not on point, I will feel like I'm the ugliest person ever. My makeup is not on point like always whenever I attend an event or dinner and also during photoshoot time. And that is what I am mad of. Whenever there is an important day comes, my makeup is always not on point.

So, here are my 10 things that annoy me a lot, well actually most of it comes of my surrounding especially people around me! So, to people out there, stop annoyed someone, think and respect others too. 

Respect each other regardless of age


  1. same annoying things happen to me lol :D

  2. I'm also easily get annoyed with all the things you've pointed out.


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