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Looking at other's blog with a lot of bloglist as their most important widget makes me wonder, should I do the same thing? Yes, I should! It is one of the best way for me, myself to stalk my following blogs & also, my all-time favourite blog! Pssst, not really my following but also, my followers! In this case, it is somehow brings more viewers to other's blog so that I can help you gaining viewers & maybe followers. 

So, what say you? Are you guys interested to be one of my bloglists? Just follow the simple steps :

  1. Follow my blog (so you can easily get my update)
  2. Comment your most favourite post of your blog. Put link (Your posted post that you think is good for others to know is accepted)
It is easy, isn't it? So, what are you guys waiting for? Be one of my lovely bloglist now! I will open to a very limited amount of bloggers but in case there is just a few people wants to be my bloglist, then you will have a greater chance! And maybe I will choose all of you! Who knows, you are chosen to be the one?

The session ends on 31 October 2016, don't forget to ask your blog friends to join too!

P/s : I am busy with my final exam right now so stay tuned with some coming posts I already scheduled for you to read in this whole month :D


  1. I would love to be in your bloglist :)

  2. Harap boleh jadi one of your lovely bloglist. :)

    ni one of my fovourite post in my blog :)

  3. Hi!

  4. join ^^

    my fav (or not) post

  5. I don't think I have even one post that good for others or accepted.But maybe you can evaluate this... ^^

  6. wanna join too !

    this post might be the most i fav for ?


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