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I've been started to active blogging this year. Past years doesn't make me to active blogging. I admit that i'be been blogging since I was 13. Yes, 6 years back then. And all those stories I wrote on this blog is totally a lame story which I decided to delete them all & start a new fresh blog. All the templates, fonts, style are totally different from mine before. Turning back time, I don't have much followers as I am now, I don't even know how to design my blog properly, I don't have any ideas to write about on this blog. Well, I'm just 13-15 years old. 

When I started to blogging back on last year, I actually can't. It is because I am busy working part-time while waiting to enroll in College/University. Back then, I posted some posts which I gain a lot of followers & yes, my followers reaches thousands. Therefore, I decided to start blogging back when I continue my study. So, there it is! Blogging back on 2016, finally.

So, there are some applications/browser that I am using to get my blogging works dne. Basically, I am using 3 apps, web or browsers for my post to be done, to design my blog & even to get information. What are they?

1. Google
Obviously, google is the most important thing for me. I prefer to use google to get my stock blogging props photos! Yes, because it makes my post looks chic & neat. Plus, this is photography kind of photos which is totally a perfect photo for everyone to have. Besides that, google is also used to find or add any information that I gained or I want to gain. Google is also a place for me to get photos that I need for my post which I prefer not to capture it myself.

2. Photoscape
Photoscape is the most needed application for me on my laptop. It is use to edit all the photos I want whether for my assignment & of course, for my blog! All the stock props photos for blogging I take from google will be edited (and some are not edited) by me to put writings on it, just to completely make my post and photo looks fit and perfect together. Well, photoscape is also the place for me to create my own header! Yes, my header is just using the photoscape. As long as it looks good, then I'm okay with it. i'm not using any other photo editor as I have photoscape!

3. 8share Malaysia
Well, blogger must be really familiar with 8share Malaysia. Yes, it is our online tabung hahaha. Well, from the day I started to blogging, I get to know churpchurp,, & now is 8share Malaysia. I have all of these accounts but unfortunately, I don't remember those accounts' password so I decided to stay with 8share Malaysia since I just signed it up few months ago. So, I tend to stay loyal at 8share Malaysia & hoping to earn more money. Hopefully. 8share Malaysia ni sama je macam affiliate yang lain, share the link of the post & if someone clicks the link, you'll earn some coins. Real coins, of course. So, I'm still gaining the coins, if anyone is so kind-hearted to help, you can click the picture at my sidebar under Must Read title. If you want to read the story, it is totally a pleasure if you want to. I share the stories based on the most frequent / popular topic, not only sharing it for money. So, have some time reading them!

So, these 3 things are the most important thing for me to start blogging, for me, of course lah. So, anyone here have any browser/apps/webs for me to get into to gain more important thing in order to make my blog better with the posts, or even in designing my blog, you can share it with me at the comment box below. Let's help each other in getting the best blog for themselves!

Thank you for reading, have a great day readers! Have fun stalking my old posts


  1. Thanks 4 sharing.sme with me but the advertisers new to me.. I just sign up nuffnang only.. 😂 for the time being

  2. google-yup.

    8 share-no.

    salam singgah :)

  3. Most of the props photos in my post were from tumblr. hihi.


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