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Well Hi everyone!

How's your day today? I hope that everyone is in the pink of health! Well, this topic just crossed my mind since there are some people asked me about this which is the blog template! Yes, I know the new design of my blog is quite different with my old ones, but the changes I have made makes people love it more! Plus, it doesn't look like childish-pattern-of-blog. Lol me

So, I bet you guys wanna know how did I own this kind of template? Who did it? Where did I purchase this? Where did I grab this? From whom did I get my help? Lol, too many questions, totally.

So, it is my time to reveal everything that comes onto my blog, especially my template! So... the actual thing is I am not a blogskin user, since I don't like blogskin. I bet, around 2014 blogskin is so popular has been used by many bloggers but I don't like it to be really honest because it is too kawaii & not up to date. Moreover, sometimes when I blogwalking on anyone's blog, I found the same template they are using since they just copy paste the url from the blogskin, well everyone can do that btw.

The real secret of my blog is no blogskin, no prepared codes, it is just me designed it myself with the help of tutorials out there. Plus, I am able to manipulated the html codes myself, so it doesn't give me much problem to design my blog in my own way.

I am using the simple blog template which is available at template - customize - templates. Why did I prefer to edit the blog myself because it is for my own satisfaction. I can create the blog like how do I want. I can choose colour, fonts, background, effects all by myself. I don't have to depends on the freebies of templates given by any blogger out there especially blogskin. But, do not feel hesitate with your decision in using blogskin, it is just my own opinion for myself. from header to footer, all is made by myself. Header, post blog, fonts, comments, sidebar, widgets, all designed by myself with the help of the tutorials by blogger. You can check it out at the google. Also, you can visit any top bloggers yang buat tutorial to design your blog better! I don't have the specific favourite blogger tutorial, so I make it general okay? Blogskin is not my type since it is too kawai & I'm not a follower of your kawai blog. Sorry, but it really is.

There are some differences between template designer & blogskin. Put aside about the blogger template I am using, let's talk about the template designer & blogskin. For me myself, I prefer those who use template designer than blogskin. Blogskin looks childish and totally out of my interest. But, still, everyone has their own opinion & interest, so chill. It is just my opinion. For the designed template, it is way too far better & the unique style of the template itself makes me totally in love with it (even though I'm not using it).

Where did I get the inspiration to design my blog in chic mood?

My blog is not-so-chic but, it's okay guys. So, basically, I get this inspiration from the overseas bloggers out there. I don't even know how did I jumped into their blog but they are all so chic & trendy blog! I feel wanted to design my blog like them, with the use of tips provided in their blog. Since i jumped into their blog, I tend to change my silver-ish blog to black & white with chic design. Yes, totally, my blog isn't good & 'chic' like theirs but the new face of my blog satisfy me a lot. At least, there are changes I have made.

So, if you guys need my help to design your blog the way I do, can email me at or contact me at facebook (link at the sidebar). I can't do nothing much, but with some advices & suggestions about the theme, the choose of the background, widgets, maybe I can help you. Not saying that I have a perfect blog, but at least it looks better than before.

Whatever it is, be confident with what you choose for your blog. Set a theme for your blog (chic, flower, garden, rainbow, etc) but whatever it is, for me, the most important thing is the widgets all over your blog is important. & the post you posted! Make sure to have bombastic topic or the most wanted/interesting topic!

Thank you for reading, have a blast, readers!

P/s : I'll be facing my final exam for my semester 2 for this whole month, please pray for me. Will be facing 5 papers T_T

Btw, I couldn't reply to your comments, there's an error & idk why. Anyone can solve this problem, please comment below. Thank you for your kindness 


  1. your blog is so pretty. never thought that you design it by yourself. maybe you can make some tutorials to help some of us who is totally noob when it comes to editing blog layout

  2. Still considering it. Well, let's see if I got a lot of request. Btw thank you for the compliment

  3. agree with rasya :D ur blog is sooo neat n 'clean'. lovin it

  4. I'm using the simple template but with too many alterations in the coding, I guess. hahaha. Suka theme hitam putih tapi masih tak boleh move on dari design kebudak-budakan :P


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