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Every girl obviously loves to wear makeup, so do I (but I'm not really into makeups & wearing it). However, I am still obsessed in collecting makeups as my favorite collection. Some girls prefer to wear makeups with various kind of brand, just like me. But, in all brands they buy & wear, there must be one or more brands that are the most favorite for them. 

Thus, this post is about my favourite makeup brand that I really love to wear. It is inexpensive, affordable, good quality & gentle to your face! I am still wearing this brand since I started to wear makeup (which is last year when I was 18). Actually, my mum starts to wear it at first & being the loyal user to this brand but she is now move to other products which is more expensive lol. For me, this brand is enough for me as a student. It is totally affordable for all.

The brand I mean is AVON! Yes, I am Avon lover. I do like Avon since I saw my mum wore it before & my friend suggests me to buy and try their magic lipstick! So, I started with the magic lipstick which is really gentle to my lips & doesn't cause dry lips at all. Plus, the colours are all gentle & suits my face well.
This is my most favourite lipstick I wear. My favourite colour is white! It turns to snow pink! It is not-so pink, soft pink I can say. And it is not glossy. But not matte, also. The texture also looks good and kissproof! It is also long lasting so no worry about losing your lipstick when eating. The price of this lipstick? No worries ladies, this is the most cheap lipstick I ever bought. It is only at RM 7-8 and Avon used to make offer, if you buy 2 pcs of this lipstick, you'll get them at RM 14 or less. I don't really remember because I'm used to buy 1 at one time.

Next, avon lipstick that has been my favourite is Pure Pink Matte Lipstick

At first, I am not aware of this lipstick but the day i went to Avon store, they suggested me to take this kind of matte lipstick which is perfectly matte & not glossy at all! Thus, for me, this is very recommended matte lipstick ever since it is too hard to find the most perfect matte lipstick nowadays. These few years are so popular with lip matte which makes your lips dry, but not this matte lipstick by Avon. I don't have to put on/touch-up the lipstick all over again because it is perfectly matte on my lips. But, in order to getting it away from your lips, you don't have to wear cleanser or makeup remover! You just need to apply plain water & it's all gone! Easy beasy. The price is so lovely, only about RM 22!

Lastly, my most favourite product of Avon is the liquid eyeliner!

So, what I love about this eyeliner is it is long lasting, waterproof & is easy to apply on your eyeliner! It's black is so stunning that I bet everyone will love it! It makes your eyes brighter, no doubt anymore. I do love it so much, compared to glimmer stick eyeliner (which I also own) because it is easy to apply & the most important thing is the colour it self! Talking about the price, it is really satisfying that I bought it at RM 18 something. Sometimes, you can have the offer if you become Avon's agent!

Well, to me, seriously, Avon is the most affordable product for me as a student. The price are all cheap and for me, reasonable with the quality given! I do have some other 'not-so-expensive' brand of makeups but that is not favourite since I am not the person who will spend hundreds for makeups. Well, told you that I am not really a makeup user. I don't makeup daily. Btw, Stop wearing fake makeups that is totally cheap because it could make your face worst. It can affect a lot to your face. I prefer not to buy those fake makeups anymore. Try to avoid the fake one, spend a little bit more for the original one. If you think that those original makeups are pricey, then you should go to the drugs stores out there & find your own makeup! Cheap, original & tested! 

So, what is your favourite brand of makeup? Share it with me & my readers on the comment box below! Don't have to worry whatever kind of makeup it is, who knows that I am going to try it someday?


  1. I always go for Essence & Catrice from the drugstores. They are affordable, not to mention some of their items are extremely good!

    ieyra h. | blog

  2. Nice entry....


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