My Obsession


Everyone has their own obsession towards something whether it is such an activity, drama, movie, stuff & things or even collection. For me, I've been so obsessed about something that almost every week I must have this new collection. At least, a month, I will buy 1 for my own satisfaction. Well, I've been obsessing this quite a long time ago since the first time I own a phone. My truly obsession towards this is when I saw lots of pretty & amazing designs which makes my phone looks better in every way. 

Despite the pricey kind of that thing, I guess it is not really a problem since I can own it at the most cheap price with cool designs. It is just you have to make a wise decision & survey all the shops and stores around you. Well, I bet not everyone is still guessing what is my obsession. So, my obsession is towards phone casing!

I own a lot of phone casings since last year where I bought an iPhone 4. Thinking about selling it since I already own an iPhone 5, I guess that's not a problem to throw away all the cases but, I don't want to. At first, it is a bit hard for me to throw all the cases or even to sell it preloved, however, why should I keep it for? So, I decided to sell it on my Carousell page with the most cheapest price. 

To be truth, when I was using an iPhone 4 for just less than a year, I already bought almost 30 of phone cases so far. Yet it is not a big amount of cases, for me it is a surprisingly of cases I've ever own. I've been using this iPhone 5 for just about 6 months or less, & all I can say is I already own more than 20 pieces of casings! Are you guys excited to see my collection & obsession? Well, since I have a lot of casings, to be really honest, I change my casings every day like how i change my clothes. And every time my friends see it, they will always bickering me for doing so. No one can help it because it is my own obsession, so I have rights on what I am doing. And some of my friends also borrowed some of the casings I own ( it also lessen the expenses for them to buy phone casing I guess) hahahaha. 

So let's see all of these casings I own. I bet you guys, this is not easy to gather all my casings since some of my friends borrow them. & Yes, there's a lot of casings that are not in the picture since my friends borrow them

Yesss I know it is not that much & that is why I really hope that my friends could give them back to me (and some are missing too) too bad. Let's talk about the casings that I love the most. They are all actually has their own sentimental value & unique, amazing, simple but cool design.

These are the 5 favourite casings I have. Actually there is 1 more casing that I totally love the most among the rest but unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found :(

The black is Chanel Purse Inspired Casing which I bought online. It costs RM 30 with postage if I'm not mistaken. I comes with a long strap which I can easily sling it anywhere but I prefer not to have the strap. I usually put on this casing whenever I am too lazy to bring my purse along so I can put the money & the phone along with this designated iPhone 5 casing. It has several pockets where I put my money on.

The next one is pink Hello Kitty casing which I bought at supermarket which costs RM 10 only! I do like it because whenever I put on this casing, it feels good when I hold my phone. The perfect structure & shape of the casing makes me love it even more.

The next one is Rose Gold ft Transparent casing (suka hati I je bagi nama casing ni kan). It is actually a rose-gold colour but it doesn't look like one in the picture. This casing is the most special casing I have because someone owns it too with gold colour (too special, I guess). I bought it two, one is with me & the other one (gold colour) is with someone in somewhere in this world. Well, you know... hahaha

Next is the 4 Layer Glitter Casing which I bought at RM 15 if I'm not mistaken. The thing I love about this casing is the design is so colourful & cheerful. Plus, this casing is quite thicker than any other casing so it makes my phone looks a little big & wide. Plus, I love colourful things. It brings good mood!

The last one is Mickey Ears Casing. I bought it at RM 10 only. It comes with glitter background with unique Mickey Mouse's Ears along! My friends also compliment my casing which is totally cute & unique, thus I love it.

So, I bet most of you have your own obsession towards something too. What's yours?


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