November Bloglist


This is my first time conducting Bloglist segment since I think this is one of the important widget to be in my blog, and thus I can help nothing much but gaining viewers, readers & maybe followers to other bloggers blog. Well, I'm not really a good blogger who always update interesting story but i can help you guys with traffic to your blog.

Well, since I've just finished my final exam & having the sem break, I was thinking about publishing good stories for you to read, but first of first, this is all about my bloglist segment! So, I decided to take all the commentators on my previous post (Be My Bloglist!) Sooo, here we go! The lucky people to be my bloglist on November!







Thank you guys for participating! Btw, welcoming the new widget to my blog, bloglist widget! & those who are participating but I did not list your blog, I surely did not get the link of your blog correctly. And, if you are not going to follow the rules correctly is okay but not to forget your link blog!

I'll do the next bloglist segment on 20th November for December Bloglist, soon! Do not forget to subscribe/follow for the infos!

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