10 Things I Learned being a Student


Well, this is going to be a long long post. Get yourself a cup of coffee. Being a student is not easy; there are so much ups & down in students' life. Despite the bitterness of the lifetime being a student, there are also some sweet memories we can gain from our university/college. Well, I can say university life taught me a lot about life. It's not about ourselves but also, people we deal with.

I can say that there are so much things I can learn being a student. There are not only 10 but all of the things I learned, I can say that these 10 things are the most important for all of us to know & to practice in your student or even daily life. Do you think that being a student is easy? Being a student is like a piece of cake? No, yes no.

So, here is the list of 10 Things I Learned being a Student

1. Communication & Toleration are Important

Well, I found out that communication is everything. Why? Because it is. How can you survive in university when you can't even communicate with people around, your classmates, roommates, housemates & lecturers? Then what's your point enrolling at university if you can't communicate well with everyone? Your own life is nothing compared to social life. Be good in communicating. Not only that, it is also about communicating in assignment discussion. Yes, it is important. Do you think you will satisfy yourself when other members made their own decision while you are numb enough to just follow the flow without centering your point? As I said just now, communication is important.

Toleration is not one to forget. What can I say is don't be selfish. In this university life, everyone is your friend. No matter what course they are, what part they are, they are all your friends, regardless of races, religion, course, age & skin color. Do not ever bring your selfishness in your university life if you want to have good friends who will not talk about your back. In university life also, it is not about you're a junior so you must respect me as a senior, no no no. Be considerate.

2. Think About People Around

It is kinda related to the first point I stated. Sometimes, students (general) are not thinking about others or usually I can say that people around them. What does it really means? Well, sometimes we act but we did not notice that everything we do is distracting people around us. Fro example like talking in the library. Some people are way too focus on their study & they are not resist with the noises you made. So, please, be aware of your surrounding. Other than that is yourself studying. When you're studying & talking to yourself in the mirror to memorize everything, you did not notice that you actually distract your friend's focus who is studying as well. Besides that, whenever you want to cash out at the ATM, please make your transaction fast. You're not answering a quiz! Whenever you want to print something, please no editing! Keep it fast because some people are in hurry to submit their works to their lecturers.

3. Each Cent is Everything

Being a student is not easy as you thought. Seeing university students used to hang out with their friends is nothing. You will never know how hard it is to find time to escape from assignment things. As for me, every cent I have is totally everything. It's like that is all I have. Why I said so? I was not born to eat with gold & silver cutlery. I came from an average family & I know, much are worse & that is why I spend based on what I really have. And even when you're borrowing you friend's money, please pay on time or whenever you have enough money. And, even the costs reaches like RM 9.20 cents, that 20 cents is much important. If you are good in tolerating, pay. If your friend is kind enough to flat it at RM 9 then it's your lucky day. Remember, maybe she needs most the 20 cents you did not pay. It means something to them. Besides, you're borrowing so please act like one.

4. Be Wise In Expenses

I am PTPTN defaulter. Borrowing is hard, I know but that's how student life should be. It's a normal thing. In this case, I can say that the money is not enough for me to enjoy myself shopping & expense more. The money I got is just enough for me for my daily use (and I even ask my father for extra money). I know most of you are PTPTN defaulters too, so make sure that you make the right decision to buy things that are important. Be considerate with what you want & what you need. Whatever you buy, make sure it is something that is important and valueable to use. Do not expense over limit. Stop wasting your money to something that is unimportant til' a day you don't have money to buy your own food. I'm talking based on my friend's experience, that's why.

5. Pay Your Friend's Car Fuel

Is this the hardest thing Malaysian can do? Is it so hard for them to pay for their friend's car fuel? Is it wrong to even give your friend a penny as a thank to ride you? This is totally my biggest experience ever. I brought my car to campus (and not even about in the campus only). My friends got my ride. Yes, I never ask them to pay for the fuel. But in this case, how do you thank me to ride you? Whenever my friends get my ride whether they ask me to pick them up at home or anywhere, why is it so hard to even give a penny as a thank? In this case, wherever & whenever, you should at least show your manners in giving a thank. Fuel isn't cheap nowadays. The car moves with fuel, not with a friendship kind of thing. Only those with cars or with license will know how hard it is to support the car fuel's expenses.

6. Everything Must Do On Time

Assignment, works and else. Being a study is as busy as a bee. The more you hold, the more will come. Yes, it is! Assignment is no joke, guys. It is no joke. You have to do research on every source you need, and even you have to observe the topic on your assignment. You have to do or to put on all of your time and energy to finish your assignment perfectly. What ever it is, find your time to finish your assignment/work as soon as possible!

7. Friend For Benefit is Real

Have you ever realized that 'friend for benefit is real?' Yes, it does! Sometimes we did not realize that but they are actually right close to us, yes, for benefits. I faced this a lot. I am only be in University for a year (2 semester) but I faced a lot. I never thought that this such of friend is still exist at our age. I never thought that I was fooled by certain people in my life who be nice to me just for something. I just don't want to bring it up anymore, I'm just done.

8. Be Independent

You've grown up. You're might as well 18 & above, so you have to learn to be independent. You have to learn how to live as a student, you have to learn to survive by yourself without parents. You should learn how to survive by washing your clothes, find your own meal, tale care of yourself when you're sick & all. You should not put on your friends' or your family to help you with all those stuff because everything must do by yourself. YES, YOURSELF! So, learn to live by yourself because one fine day.

9. Be Kind To Everyone

You're rich? You're a diva? You're the queen or king? It's a no no if you want to be selfish or you want to act out of yourself. Remember at this age, you are nobody. You are just like everybody. A student in gaining knowledge. If you don't respect people, never ever expect that people around will respect you, though. In this case, you have to be kind with everyone because in whatever you do whether it is your assignment or anything else, one fine day you will need other people to fulfill the assignment needs. Maybe by interviewing, questionnaire & surveying. Remember, you will need them. Mind my words.

10. Gain A Lot of Friends

In order to be in university life, you have to gain a lot of friends. No matter their age, race, height, what year, course or anything possible, you have to gain yourself a lot of friends. Maybe one day, you will need them when your car get stuck at the roadside? Who knows. & thus, you will always have someone to be your lepak member when you feel lonely. Be smart.

So, what can you learn from being a university student? Mind to share with me? Thank you for reading x

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  1. That's why I don't want to remove my habit of speaking out frankly. If I need to drive my friends, witout hesitation I'll say "hey.. hey.. collect the money for fuel". Lol.

    If it's about the group assignments and need to deal with ignorant friends who just 'ride' their names on the paper we had worked hard for, another hesitation will pop up from my mouth. "Girl, you do nothing. Pay us drinks."

    Luckily I'm naturally funny. So, there won't any drama happened among me and my friends. There was no hard feeling. Instead of keeping silence but planting anger and disappointment in your heart, my personal opinion has made its own point.

  2. very wise and I like it much especially no 4..wish my kiddos are very wise in spending..huhu

  3. Yup, friend for benefit is real. I've met people like this and I just don't like them. Haha

  4. No 7, sad but true. Jangan mudah percaya kepada semua org.


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