A Bucket of Wishlist


Yes, everyone has their own wishlist. I compile everything in a post but I think I'm not listing it all. I still have some things that will be my wishlists but did not cross my mind this time, so here is a bucket of my wishlists. This post is just for fun, I think I need to think about making a bombastic post for all my blog readers. Well, this is all I have for you!

Driving License
A car
A sport car
Boyfriend (what a lousy wishlist but I really wish hahaha)
Get Married at 25/26
A laptop
A macbook
An iPhone
Latest iPhone (iphone 7) (iPhone 7 is so sexy as hell)
10 Mango handbags (I own 7 but then I letgo 3 of them, there are 4 right now)
Celine Handbag
MK Purse
Hardshell Luggage
Ankle Strap Heels (Still surveying at Zalora)
My own Boutique
My own brand tudung
My own business
Unlimited Money Source (I love shopping & I love money)
4 flat GPA/CGPA
Get a job while studying
48 kg (Current weight is 45-46 kg, I'm just too skinny)
163 cm (Current height is 160 cm)
100 phone casings (I have like 20+)
A cinderella-like bedroom
A set of Chanel Makeup
Visit Mekah, Paris & London
Dior Sunglasses (I afford to buy the fake one right now)
A makeup box
A 2.0 m teddy bear (I can't hug my crush so why not teddy bear?)
Some trendy pants (I am bad at choosing pants)
Have diploma (otw..)
Have degree
Have master
10,000 followers on blog (Will I?)
Eat spicy Ramen
Travelling with my friends (Anak mak so tak lepas nak travel everywhere I want)
Be in University
Meet One Direction (One Direction members are my boyfriends, so?)
Job experience
A lazy pod (Idk why but I like it)
Pricey Heels
Happy Family
Trip to Island
Be rich (Because being a girl is expensive)

Some may ask me what am I doing to get all of my wishlist do come true? Okay, first of first is of course, try hard. Why? In whatever I want to own, I need to work harder for that. Especially when it comes to stuff or things which i actually can get it myself, anytime. Money is not a problem when you want something eagerly but you must know how to expense well.

So guys, maybe you can share with me your most wanted wish in the comment box below. Or, you wanna make this kind of post too? Well, don't forget to share your post link with me. Maybe we share the same wishlist, who knows :D

P/s : I can't reply your comments, I'm so sorry


  1. - headphone beads
    - teddy bear besar and gebu warna putih
    - jadi traveler
    - publish 1 buku before 25y'old
    - buat haji and umrah dgn family
    - PT3 9A above
    - SPM straight A's
    - jadi financial accountant

    setakat tu je yang terlintas di fikiran.. hehhe

  2. ive been dreaming for a new phone ;;

  3. Wow...banyaknya. Memang bucket list ni..
    Good luck yer (^^,)
    Insyaallah...klu berusaha pasti tercapai semua impian ni..

    SNM_Yana Afi Mohamed


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