December Bloglist Result


At first, I don't think announcing my December bloglist is a must but then I think that this post is to inform those who join my December bloglist segment about the winners. Not really 'winners', they are all lucky bloggers! A big thanks to for helping me, a lot 😋

Here is the randomized lists that I've made at first. I even randomized it 10 times so that the links in random order. So let's see what numbers did the generator choose 😍

So, here we go! All the 5 lucky bloggers to be on my December bloglist! I will update my bloglist widget on the sidebar tomorrow! Btw welcoming you all to be a part of my fav blogger. Don't forget to visit their blog & follow them!

Thank you for all the 13 bloggers that join my simple & easy bloglist segment. Wait for the next bloglist segment, for January! I bet you guys that the rules will be as simple as previous one.

xoxo 😚


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