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I love to eat, obviously, especially when I go out with my friend(s), I surely will hunt the food first before anything else. Well, I am food lover because food is life. Whatever it is, food is always number 1. And, I can say that I spend a lot on food better & greater than anything else include the makeup, clothes and else. There are 3 places I love, really love to go to satisfy my tummy. This 3 places are must-go whenever I passes them or even I am going nearby this 3 places.

Among the 3 places I go, there are differences among them due to the food they serve, type of food & etc. There are a street stall, a grand restaurant & a heaven of dessert.

1. The Windmill Station

Some of you may know this restaurant which is kinda popular in Malacca (I'm not sure anywhere else popular or not) but in Malacca, it does. Basically, I can say this restaurant is my all-time favorite place to eat because it serves the best dishes ever! For sure, TWS serves more on western food, but still have malay food like various kind of nasi goreng! For me, myself, whenever I go there, I will order Chicken Chop with Nasi Goreng Nenas which is totally finger-licking! The price for the meal is RM 17.90 around that which is satisfying because the place is so comfortable & cool with air conditioner, and it is kind of luxury place you can be at! Besides that, the serving is so neat & full your tummy for the whole day I can say.

2. Cendol Malim Legacy

I've been here since the day my mom craved Cendol a lot. We went everywhere to look for cendol all the way back home from my campus. All the long way, we finally found a cendol stall at Malim and it was named Cendol Malim Legacy. We stopped there & of course, my mom ordered cendol but for me, I prefer ABC better than Cendol. The first time we went there, the stall is so crowded with customers. It is just a small stall but it is crowded & packed! Besides cendol & ABC, there are some food available there like laksa (which is totally marvellous in taste), mee kari, rojak & some more. The price is also nice which is totally affordable & satisfying.

Where is the location?
Cendol Malim Legacy is located at Malim, in front of SK Malim, Melaka. Landmark is petron, SK Malim & SMK Malim.

3. Big Bowl Ice

This is the most favorite place I really love to go better than other else. A heaven full of dessert, snow, ice. I can say that I went here really often because the price is so affordable & satisfy myself a lot. Big Bowl Ice is an innovation of ais kepal once ago which is also transformation of an ABC to various kind of topping & flavor. We can have whether snow ice or shaved ice (well, of course snow ice is totally soft kind of ice while shaved ice is kinda rough just like a normal ice type of ABC) and you can pick the flavor, anything! The flavor I think is up to 100 various kind of flavor/topping. Yes, I get mad in choosing what flavor should I try. Let me treat you some pictures of Big Bowl Ice.

A bowl can be shared for 2 person (usually I do), & sometimes that one bowl is not finished by us (me & my friend) because we are full. Tbh, a bowl of this ice could make you feel satisfied a lot. 

How much is the price for a bowl?
No matter what flavor you order, the price is all under RM 10 & the maximum price is RM 10 flat price with GST.

Wondering why the name is "Big Bowl Ice"? Because it can be order up to 30x big which can support up to a whole family from grandfather to grandson! Yes, it is! If you can see the first picture I share, the bowl full of watermelons, it is 2x big in size. Can you ever imagine how 30x big in size of the bowl is? Yes, it is really available. It is really suitable for birthday party, or any celebration!

So, these 3 places is a must for me to go & my most favorite place. What are yours? Share it with me if you would love to. This post makes me crave all this food a lot. I think I should be there right away


  1. Mouth-watered already >< That big bowl ice though

  2. All of those places look delicious :)
    Mine will be
    1. KFC (sampai airport wajib pergi)
    2. and restaurants around Bangi Kajang area

  3. I like Mi Sup Tengkera~ Haha, the Yong Tau Foo food court near Pantai Puteri pun not bad :)


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