December Haul


It's December, the last month of the year. Guess what? I'm going to turn 20 sooner. Yes, soon. On January. And guess, I am no longer a teen. From '1' to '2', I know that I am old enough. Many things to come up in my mind about studies, work, family & all. I don't know but started to think about it. Forget it. I don't want to be an adult. It sucks.

This is my first haul post I guess. I'm just going to share with you guys the most affordable shoes that unexpectedly caught my eyes! I bet you guys, this is the most non-regret purchase I have ever made. As you can see my intro picture, they are the shoes that I bought from a store, 'not-so-familiar' store I guess.

As you can see, (again) they are Satinni brand. Have you ever heard that brand? I am kinda familiar with this brand because my mum was so into this brand once ago because the quality of the products is good & all of the products are totally affordable. 

Well, I bumped into this store at KiP Mart, Melaka. It looks like factory store so then I guess the price must be satisfying. I walked in the outlet & went to shoes racks because I am looking for a new pair of shoes to wear to class (for daily use). 

If you read my post on 10 Facts About Me , you will know that I am not a fan of wedges or sneakers or flat shoes or even sandal, I prefer to put on heels.

That's the reason why I bought this wedges heel & heels!!! Let me talk about each one of it. 

I love nudes. Some people prefer to have black or dark shoes but not for me. I love nude colour very very much because they looks classy, simple yet unique. I don't mind having my closet full of nudes shirt, shoes, scarf & all because I think nude colour is a must! 

It suits me so well since I have a tan skin colour. This heels caught my eyes at the first sight because it's colour & design. Simple yet classy. That's what I like. And this is the last pair of my size available there so I feel so lucky.

This nude heels has a very perfect shape that I always wanted. I prefer pointed shoes as this! Pointed shoes make me look classy, of course compared to round shape. The heels is not too high & obviously not kitten heels. It suits my height so well.

The reason why I love to wear high heels is because it gives me a lot of confident to myself to walk around whenever I am. Flat shoes makes me feel zero & my confident level went down easily.

So this is my second purchase. From the same brand. I actually was looking for flat shoes for my daily wear to class but then I found no size for me so I decided to take a look at this shoes that caught my eyes again which is totally my kind of shoes.

The brown colour can be match with any other colour perfectly. And, this is wedges! I love it very very much as I can look tall with this shoes & people will think it's flat. It's not pointed shoes but still look good. 

Brown colour may look vintage but it always on point. Wearing brown will never let your ootd went wrong. I'm not a huge fan of brown colour but this shoes is just so lovely to have!

Okay, let's talk about the price for the shoes. I bet you guys really want to know kan? What if I say the shoes are under RM 20, are you guys going to believe me? What about under RM 15? As I told earlier, this shoes is not too pricey but this is a factory store where it sells old stocks of shoes so I think you can now guess the price?

The price is only RM 12.90 per pair. Yes, ONLY RM 12.90! This sounds crazy but it is! At first, I thought the price is only for the sandal but it is not. It is for all shoes there. Who doesn't get crazy when you get to know this?

To be really honest, I feel so thankful that I finally found this store. The shoes aren't good as Vincci but it is worth to buy with just RM 12.90. This brand can beat any other brand even with their old stocks. I regret no more. Now I know where to buy affordable yet classy shoes.


  1. Cantiknya yang nude color tu! 😍 dan murah betul. Mana nak beli ni? Hihi. Pergi kedai or boleh beli online :)

  2. I prefer brown for my shoes, but not black, looks too formal hehe

  3. both of the shoes cantik! And murah!

  4. @Siqah Hussin Walk in only! Boleh visit any Satinni/Cael deon stores

  5. @Farhanah Afiqah I never go for black unless for formal purpose hihihi

  6. Can't believe I've never been to KiP Mart, orang Melaka apa akak ni, haha

    ieyra h. | blog

  7. @ieyra h.Hahaha KiP Mart takde apa sangat pun. Tapi selalu pergi sebab Mr. DIY je


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