Maintaining Long Distance Relationship (LDR)


Some of us is facing LDR which is long distance relationship. I know, distance is not one to measure for us to have a relationship. But, LDR seems to be more difficult compared to short distance relationship.

LDR seems to be depending on electronically mediated communication such as text messages, Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter or Facebook.

First of first, you have to know & adapt the ways of LDR. They are..

The Nature of the Separation 

They require specific maintenance strategies in order be successfully managed. Permanent physical separation may produce different expectations, interactions and relational management strategies. Other separation may be caused by moving to a new place to study, work or maybe by personal choice that may question to relationship commitment between partners.

Effects of Time Between Visits 🕗

The question is, how often partners are able to get together face to face? Does it also affect their relationship due to physical distance? There are no such things said that LDR is a short-term relationship. For me, seeing your partner for like every day doesn't make sure that relationship long lasts. Less communication means you avoid learning information from your partner.

Costs and Rewards 💵

Costs and rewards is all a relationship needs to take care of. Costs mean what you give to your relationship like efforts you made. For example like time, food you give & attention. For rewards, it is something that you get from your partner. For example like attention. If costs exceed than rewards, then it will be totally a loss for you in a relationship. Then, if rewards exceed than costs, it will be totally a win for you in a relationship.

Tensions Created by LDRs

Tensions sometimes arise when one person is trying to maintain both the LDR and proximal relationships. Minimizing idealization & maintaining communication are probably the most important factors in sustaining strong relationships even over long distances. The more open & honest you can keep the communication, the more similar you long distance relationships will be proximal ones.

How To Maintain the LDR? 

1. Trust

Trust is everything. Don't ruin your relationship by hesitating your partner towards their loyalty towards you. You never know what your partner is doing, yeah roght but that doesn'5t mean that you can easily assume them doing something without your knowledge.

With the hesitation & curiosity that you just made makes your partner feels so unusual & uncomfortable with you. Is that what you really want? Tell me if yes.

2. Loyalty

Guys, cheating to your partner is like cinta monyet. An adult will never ever do that all over again because it is so old & childish. Be an adult cuz you are getting older, not younger.

All you have to set is to achieve goal in your life & find your true partner & get married as soon as possible. Try not to hold on for so long

As a wrap up for this discussion, I could say that the importance of discussing and supporting each other is a must in every relationship especially LDR. What is more important than loyalty, trustworthy & faith? Keep this in mind & don't be scared to in LDR all over again.

Source : Interpersonal Communication (Managing Relationship Challenges)



  1. LDR requires honesty and loyalty at the same time and additional to faith and fate too..hehe


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