Have you ever feel so jealous towards someone? It doesn't matter what 'jealousy' it was, it may be because of their perfect features, their skills in education or maybe their perfection in life. I'm not going to deny that sometimes I get jealous over other's perfection especially to girls who can makeup themselves perfectly. I admit that I'm still a potato about makeups especially contouring. I only know basic makeup (not really basic) that I can go out to class. That's it.

What I know about jealousy? Well, to me jealousy is a feeling that arises when we fear a relationship is in doubt which leads to jealous behavior. That's based on my opinion. But, I'm going to elaborate the 5 types of Jealousy. Surprisingly, there are 5!!! Wondering, what are they?

1. Envy 😞

Envy is a discontented feeling that arises from a desire for something someone else has. Envy is for example like when someone drives a nice car that you really want or seeing your classmates get dean listed, it is called envy. You feel like insecure with it. This isn't a bad kind of jealousy because it seems to envy means you are just insecure, you feel like you need to get it too for your own satisfaction. Don't let it to be like a revenge or anything. Don't ever.

2. Jealousy

It is a reaction to the threat of losing a valued relationship; the future of the relationship is in doubt and the partner's loyalty is questioned.  If you are upset because your boyfriend or girlfriend showed their interest into another person, then you are experiencing jealousy. This is a nature of being in a relationship. We all feel the jealousy over our partner because maybe how our partner react & behave. That's all matter.

3. Cognitive Jealousy

It includes the thoughts about the loss of your partner, reflection on your decreases in your partner's time with you and analyses of behaviors or occurrences deemed suspicious. Note for girls out there, boys hate suspicions. I don't even know why but they totally hate it because it could messed up your relationship. You can feel suspicious but you can do it all your way to find out whether he is cheating with you or nah. Don't question him so much. It could pressure himself.

4. Emotional or Affective Jealousy 😈

It includes the feelings of anger, hurt, distrust, worry or concern aroused by the threat of losing the relationship. Well, everyone is! Am I right? If only I have a boyfriend, I will surely feel this kind of jealousy. How can we bear losing the ones we love so much? The one that is by our side through ups & down, thick & thin? 

5. Behavioral Jealousy 👊

This is the 'burst out' of the jealousy. It means actions taken to monitor or alter a partner's jealousy-evoking activity, such as watching your partner obsessively at social gatherings, telling a partner to stop flirting, or secretly checking a partner's texts, e-mails or social apps posts. This sounds insane but I think girls usually does this because they are so afraid that their partner is with someone else at the same time. 

Well, don't take your jealous feeling too serious because it may leads to argument & distrust among you & your partner. Try to control yourself especially when you get jealous over something. Have communication because all you need is to communicate & settle it, don't bragging it all the way.

Retrieved from : Interpersonal Relationship (managing Relationship Challenges) 

P/S : I'm not copying, I am paraphrasing, editing & using my own words ✌


  1. To be honest, sometimes I feel like being jealous is good (not to the extreme extend of course) aside from it looks cute (lol), it keep you on alert :D


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