How To Plan Your Financial


Since I am a student & my biggest problem is money, I tend to give a little advise on how to plan your financial status. This is because my friends tend to waste their money to unimportant things that is for sure makes them run out of money to eat certain days.

My friends most of them are PTPTN defaulters so they & I also have a very limited money to buy things that are not necessary. For me, buying unnecessary things like loads of clothes, shoes that is used for 'satisfaction' ain't the right way to spend money on. It's been a long time since I did not spend my money to clothings because I really need money so much to pay bills & all.

Here is a question. "Are you a person who will blind yourself towards things you want or you are the person who is willing to famish just to have that thing?"

First of first, myself, my healthy, my stomach. I would rather not to buy things that I really want the most especially when I'm broke so much because for me, my stomach is everything. I will not let myself live in starve because it's not that I don't have money to buy food, it's just myself wants to buy things just for my own satisfaction but getting sick because of starving.

This could be a highlight for girls especially because some girls prefer to have things that can win other people's heart instead of themselves. Please do not be that kind of person I'm talking about.

Let's straight away to my point on how to plan your financial based on my own style.
Know what you need & what you want

This is like the story I said above. People is not aware about what they want vs what they need. Remind this that needs is what you use daily or even weekly. What you want is basically for your own satisfaction to win something. Remember that what you want is what you can get anytime when you have extra money. Then go & buy it.

What you need is what you really need to highlight & care about. It must be things that you usually use in your daily life. Please take your full attention to things you need & expense well.

Quality & price

When you buy something at stores, things you need to aware & take note of are the quality of the product & of course, the price! Do not forget to compare the price with the other stores or brands because you might save money as well. 

To buy things that is more likely about quality, take a good look at the material of the product. If you decided to buy knives rack to put in your kitchen, would you rather to buy wood, plastic or steel material? Most people would even say wood because it is long last BUT remember that wood knife rack can easily broke whenever it is exposed too much to water. Buy plastic knife rack as it is water resistant & of course, cheap!

Quality & price is satisfied, checked!

Decide your daily/weekly/monthly expenses

This is what I do every week. I am planning my expenses weekly & daily. I will withdraw my money weekly or maybe once in a fortnight. I also set my daily & weekly expenses because that is the best way for me to save money & not to expense more than what have I decided.

Besides that, whenever I feel like running out of money, I am more responsible about expenses; to buy things that is really need which is food! No other things needed. This is the reason why I have a lot of extra money that is where I spend it to things that I want but it is not often.

Make constant & extra savings

I do make constant savings which is RM 5 weekly. Yes, RM 5 is a very small amount but imagine saving RM 5 per week & it's already at week 10, you already have yourself RM 50. But, that's not the point for you to stop saving money & use it. It is for you to save it in your account! 

I hate coins. I hate to put coins in my purse so the way I do is to put all the coins in my piggy bank. That is the side ways for me to make extra savings. Coins make my purse looks fat like your belly so I think put coins in my piggy bank is one of the best way to make a saving!

If I have extra money due to my expenses last week, I will bring it to the next week or saving it in my piggy bank. Bringing it up to the next week is because maybe I need something or need to use/buy things that is really important.

Make extra money

The most simple think you can think to make extra money is of course, by selling! You can sell anything you want whether online or not. If you don't have any capital, you can start off by being a dropship to any stores or even online stores. Everyone starts from below.

Besides selling, you can try affiliates! There are a lot of affiliate webs available on internet. Maybe you can share the links onto your social websites & getting money whenever people click on the link! That is the most simple way to earn money, you know.

I am an online seller which I sell scarf but I'm not really promoting my instagram shop because of my packed schedule. I am also using to earn extra money by sharing the links.

Well, I hope my way in planning my financial helps you a lot. If you guys have any idea on how to plan your own financial, maybe you cah hit the comment button & write down your point! It might be useful to some students/people.

So, did you plan your financial?


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