6 Tips Facing A Breakup


The bitter side of our life is facing a breakup with our partner. I know this sounds so bitter but however, we have to keep moving on & live our life. Nothing can stop you from be happy. Remember that.

Let's talk about the bitterness in relationship. Not all relationship lasts longer, I know. It is one of the most stressful thing that happen in our life, yes it is, breakup. This post is dedicated for all who is facing a breakup & you can even help your friend who is facing a bad breakup with his/her partner. 

These are the 6 Tips Facing A Breakup that I thought is useful for you guys to try!

1. Try to forget all bad memories

C'mon, this is just a beginning. Doesn't mean you are facing a breakup, that's the end of your love story. Maybe you'll get someone better right after this. Stop remembering all the bad memories between you & your ex partner. That doesn't mean anything. Plus, it's useless.

Stop wasting your tears, day & time for someone who doesn't worth all that. You have to chin up & move on. Forget everything. Nothing can stop you to stand up.

I know, you can't forget everything in a second but learn to live without your ex. Learn to forget the memories step by step because sooner or later, you're going through it successfully. All you have to do is to put an aim.

2. Stop worrying

Why? You guys are no longer together. It can affect your life & even your health. Hey gurl, take a good care of yourself first. This is just a breakup, a normal & nature in life, it doesn't mean the end of the world. Stop worrying about something stupid. 

Think about yourself first. You are a diamond. Untouchable. Precious. Pricey. 💎

3. Be thankful

It's not be thankful that you finally free (but it make sense sometimes), but to be thankful for everything that you have. You only lost your partner, not your entire life. Not your family, friends & belonging. 

You have to stand still & thank to whoever by your side at your deepest fall. It is not easy to find a friend that be by your side through ups & down. 

4. Learn to be forgiving

Don't hold grudge to your ex. Be kind to them. Maybe you are better being friends than lovers, who knows right? All you have to do is forgive them. Maybe you guys are not meant to be, so just chill. Your life is still moving, don't give up.

Besides forgiving them brings you calmness, it could save a friendship & bonding between you & your ex. It is sweet when you still can be friend with your ex, even you guys have no heart feelings anymore. It's not a problem anymore.

5. You must be strong

I told earlier that this is just the end of the relationship, not your entire life. You still have life to live for. You are too young to cry over a person that doesn't matter. Be strong because we are living our live, we must make our life story ends with happy lifestyle. 

I know, breakup is sucks but you have to teach your heart not to be weak. Pray, if you feel so down, pray. Seek for Allah/God('s) help. He will always there for you. His plan is far away better than ours.

6. Change your mind

Guys, you can't change the situation. Yeah right, miracle could happen but the possibility is only 5%. You have to accept & adapt with the new situation. Change your mind, guys. CHANGE! This is the right time for you to make your own way to something better.

You are no longer someone's so you have your own rights to do anything you like in order to overcome your sadness. You are no longer tied with anyone else, this is the right time for you to spend your whole time with your friends! Be wild, young & free.

Well yeah, that's all I got for you, I hope you like it. Sorry if it is not what you expected but I think these 6 tips is useful for anyone who needs it most. 

Stand up, chin up, move on 😃💋

If you have any other points or ideas to add on, leave your comment on the comment box below & don't forget to share it with your friends if you find it useful.


  1. Nice tips, susah juga nak menghadapi break up dulu masa bercinta, ambil masa... susah nak move on... :-(

  2. Nice tips, But its not easy to to forget someone who ever make our life become worst. Tapi yang lama dah berpengalaman mungkin da semakin bijak nak handle situasi macam ni. Yang beginner tu yang memang kena baca tips ni. Kalo tak emosi susah nak stabilkan..hhuhuhu

  3. Macam complicated sangat.
    Alhamdulillah tiada pengalaman breakup.

  4. @Rockysweety 90Even yang dah banyak kali experience pun susah nak handle apatah lagi beginner. Pity them

  5. Yang lebih menyayangi tu la yang paling susah nak move on. Pheww..


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