Jonker Walk


Jonker Walk is one of the most attractive place can be found in Melaka, Malaysia. One of the reason why Jonker Walk is popular is because there, you can see many cultures symbol & people there, and also some old buildings that is now transformed into a new-antique wall painting that totally attract people.

There is this one day I went to Jonker with my group mates to shoot some pictures & videos based on our project so I decided to share with you guys some pictures, moments when I went there.

During any celebration, Jonker Walk is sure filled with decorations as you walk by under it. There are a lot of cafe`s available here so if you are looking for hipster cafe around here, you can easily waze them out! A lot of cafes to list out.

This is one of the most famous cafe available here but I was noticed that this cafe is a non-halal cafe but if you are non-muslim, maybe you can try here too! This cafe is always loaded with people. Maybe the food served is good, or maybe the customer service itself is a thumb up, who knows?

This is the main road of Jonker Walk, where at night (on weekends only) the flea market takes it place. During the flea market, you can found keychain, hand fan, terompah & some other handmade stuff that is made by folks here. Most of them are baba & nyonya, don't get confused.

You can also found some other innovated food/drinks here! One reason why I visited here was to look for Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff but it is nowhere to be found, I'm sad :( 

Another thing is, Big Bowl Ice is not at Jonker walk also!!! I'm a bit shook when I saw the Big Bowl Ice signboard there but that time, my dessert mood turns off so I decided to just walk away.

This is one of the most building that are now attract more people. Whaaaaat is this big building? It is the new H&M store!!! Yes, it is huge af. This outlet is still new, haven't reach a year yet. Cool isn't it, so H&M lovers, you guys should check out this outlet!

So, as the ending of this post, let me post some pictures of the view of Jonker Walk. Some pictures won't hurt?

So, any plan to come & visit Jonker Walk?


  1. Salam Jumaat Azreen,

    I definitely want to visit H&M store coz I'm H&M fan! Wow so many places to visit in Malacca nowadays but I can't tolerate with jam, huhuhu

  2. plan nak dtg melaka and of course kena pegi jonker walk ni !

  3. @I am LZSalam!

    I can't handle with traffic too, thats why I prefer going out on weekdays

  4. Walaupun kampung kat Melaka, I never got the chance to go there. So sad...

  5. Dah lama tak pergi Jonker Walk ni. Tah bila lah nak pergi balik 😆

  6. Selalu pergi Jonker Walk ni waktu malam. Nanti kena dtg hari siang pulak. Cantik view dia.

  7. @C i k R e n e xHahaha siang best kalau untuk bergambar and jalan2 bila hari panas xD

  8. Last time Mrs.A been there nite time, cantik jugak dengan lampu-lampu.
    Last time tu actually a long time ago year 2013 huhuhu...

  9. @Mrs. AShould go there by now sebab banyak sangat benda baru especially the food street!


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