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I always always think about this topic. I think I really should say my mind. I'm an online buyer too, but i'm not saying that I'm the best buyer anyone can have. I do feel how pressure it is when buyers ask too many questions about the product that has been stated on the caption right away. I am an online seller, and I really know the pain when customers ask such thing.

I didn't say that I don't like to entertain my customers, but customers should be wise in purchasing. It's like some of the customers haven't buy online before. Is that so? I don't think it really is. Why? I listed down all the annoying things that online buyers usually do.

1. Please do not ask the seller for the price of the item that has been stated it's price. This drives me insane, seriously. I have faced a lot this kind of customers. Well, I'm not a seller that hiding my items' price, I will put the full description about the pricing including the postage fees. 

I already stated the price for the items on the caption & still those buyers keep asking me for the price for each item. I'm also telling my buyers on how much they need to pay later when they agree to buy the items but it doesn't make sense when they Whatsapp me & ask me "how much is this?"

2. Scroll my business page before Whatsapp me. Why? I am using basic Internet which is totally slow whenever I'm at my campus. It is because I own WiFi at home & I don't want to waste my money buying a plan of Internet since I'm home for every week. Thus, I don't have time to send you all the pictures that I sell. 

Imagine, I have a lot of stock & colours of shawls. Are you expecting me to send all colour pictures? I uploaded all the colours on my Instagram, so I don't think it is a must for me to send the picture tho. Then I don't see any point of me uploading the photos.

3. Read full description about the product. I am kind of seller that tells everything about the product on the caption because I don't want to burden myself & buyers. I stated the measurement, fabric, price, postage & all on the caption. 

I don't see any reason for you to ask me all over again unless you are confirming it. I only accept questions that are not stated on my caption. Yes, some sellers did not put the whole description about the product, but that's not me.

4. I'm a full-time student. Do not expect me to reply your text as fast as lightning (did I spell it correctly?) I'm so done with those buyers who spam me a lot like "hey sis, available ke?", "sis...???", "sis, ada lagi ke tak?", "hello sis. Reply please." I am not only a student, I have my time to be with my family, friends or even for myself. 

I will reply your text in 24 hours and I even bet less than 24 hour. Sometimes, the buyer SPAM me when I did not reply their text for like 2 minutes & that gets me into nerves. Who doesn't?

5. Obey the terms by the sellers. This is a must for all online buyers. You have to obey with the terms stated by sellers because it's their shop, they have rights on what they are selling & their style of selling those stuff.

I mean like the time/day they post your item, COD place & time and also the fees/price. I mean, they have scheduled when to post your item based on their free time. You should have known. COD place is of course depends on them. It must be just around the corner from their house. 

If you wish them to send right in front of your door, please pay some more for the delivery fee. The price for the item usually cannot be negotiate because of the brand new item. If the seller says NO, means NO. You can't please them to negotiate the price. It's wrong & illegal, FYI.


  1. No 1 is really annoying. all about the products (like price, description) are already written there but people still have the nerve to ask. Like, don't you guys even read the description.

  2. @Nurul RasyaIkr. I neatly write the description about the products one by one from the material, to measurement & all but still spamming my whatsapp with "how much is this?". That's not reasonable at all

  3. Wuw, too much trouble from the insensitivity customer.. =="

  4. sabar. customer mmg banyak ragam. i feel you. im dealing with customers everyday. not via phone screen but face to face. lagi sakit hati tau bila kena dengan customer yg byk songeh. nak marah pun tak dapat. kalau marah kang tak ada customer pulak. huhuhu

  5. I feel the struggle. :) Hehe. May Allah ease your daily path.

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm really annoyed if I have put all the details but then you ask again things that have already stated 😖 Very frustrating. I can feel what you feel on that matters. Hopefully, everything going to be well with your online business, Azreen 💞

  7. Huhuhu bertabahlah...memang peel sesetengah rakyat malaysia ni pemalas nak membaca..

  8. @Eeca ShyaaYesss, i felt that btw. Lagi susah sebab menghadap muka. Tapi tu lah, dugaan ketika menjalankan tugas

  9. @FatinaYess but I really have to deal with it no matter what. Btw Thank you so much tina :)

  10. @Noor MaizanKaaann, but maybe sebab diaorang terlalu tekan sangat ayat "customer always right" kot hahaha

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  12. Eventhough I'm not an online seller but I can feel you by looking at all the comment on the post on certain IG. Buyers ni ada macam-macam ragam. Hopefully, you can handle it well, Azreen 😊

  13. @Syaza RaihanahAlhamdulillah I didnt marah my customers, but I handle them wisely. Just to educate some online buyers out there ;)


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