Signs of Relationship Problem

By the time you reading this, I am probably at the outlet where I am currently working as a full-time worker because I am having 5 months of semester break! Should I be happy or nah? thank you UiTM Di Hatiku.

Not all relationship lasts longer or forever. Sometimes, it may comes to its end. Why? That is because of problems the partners face during their relationship times. The inability to save their relationship may leads to separation. Thus, it is all up to the partners self to endure the challenges & overcome their problems together.

Each stage of relationship has unique stages such as cool stages, hot, climax & more. It is all depends on the partners whether to save their relationship or to terminate it. But, if you think that terminating your relationship is the best way to save yourself, then you are so pleased to not be in a relationship all over again. Stop being a coward.

So, I bet you guys who are having relationship can detect or maybe can smell the signs of relationship problem but some of us does not aware of it. What are those signs of relationship problems?

  • Less touching or physical contact - this is for sure & the most obvious thing that you can see through.
  • Less vocal expressiveness - the way your partner talk to you, there are sincereness or vice versa
  • Less smiling - expression is the best way to look or to detect whether there is a problem in your relationship or not.
  • Interactions don't flow as easily - there is always things that you might disagree with your partner's talk. Or maybe there's always you guys have something to argue about
  • Increased physical distance - less time on meeting/dating or even distant yourself from your partner, maybe? I mean you always refuse to meet him
  • Less eye contact - eye contact detects everything. Less the eye contact is to prevent your partner from sensing the lost interest of you towards your partner
  • Increase in time between interactions - you Whatsapp him at 12.00 a.m., he replied at 12.01 a.m. but then you replied his text at 3.00 a.m. or maybe the next day. It's possible
  • Less sexual activity - be general with sexual activity. Dating is one of it. Yes, you may experience less sexual activity. There will always an excuse

  • Fewer intimate terms - less or even no more sayang, baby, babe, honey, darling. It's just you & I probably
  • Decreases in time together - you guys are not interested to date or to meet or to spend time together all over again
  • Interactions are more impersonal - you tend not to let everything out of your mouth. Everything is keep by yourself
  • Separation of possession - You tend to do so because you give up in this relationship
  • Less time talking in any given topic - there will always be an end to a topic given. You seems lack interest in making it into a good conversation
  • Less use of present tense - you tend to throwback the old times where everything seems not to be good
  • More passive language - less eye contact, gestures that you actually ignoring your partner

  • Fewer references to the future - you tend not to talk about future because you think it is such a waste
  • More qualifiers (maybe) - you have more sparepart? Better person maybe waiting for you?
  • More conflict - there is always a conflict to brag up
  • Decreases in evaluative statements - any things that comes up, you tend to to be silent & less interact with it
  • Less personal language - there is no sweet kind of things all over again. Everything seems to be cold
  • Less self-disclosure - It's like you are really really give up in anything
If only you could detect one of those signs in your relationship, take a deep breath & start planning your way to overcome the problems. Do not easily give up because it is not easy to fall in love & start everything all over again. Be wise.

Whoever in a relationship now, I pray you guys all the best & may Allah/God showers you guys with happiness ever after. Kalau kahwin jangan lupa jemput okay guys hahahaha

Source : Interpersonal Communication (Managing Relationship Challenges) PEARSON Edition


  1. im currently in a relationship but i feel like im not into one. i did try to fix what's wrong with us but if im the only one that throw some effort to preserve the relationship, then its no use. so saddd.

  2. Both supposed to work together in order to keep the relationship. .

  3. Alhamdulillah bahagia setakat ni hehe :p

  4. Bila cakap isu relationship ni memang kena ada kerjasama antara dua pihak.

  5. Hubungan dengan Allah juga kena jaga barulah Allah akan jaga hubungan kita sesama manusia. In Sha Allah

  6. haha kdg .. xda angin.. xda ribut tiba2 bawa break hahaha

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