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It's been weeks since I did update my last post, isn't it? Well, I told ya that I have a lot of draft posts which I am going to fully write it up, and some of them have already done but I just don't have time to post them. Why and why? Well, let's take a time to talk about it.

Did I just said that I started working as a full-time worker at a boutique? Well, yes, of course and that makes my time so limit. Admit it, I do have shifts & off day but those times went so fast that I did not even spend my time with my phone.

Talking about my phone..... haih. It was so damn that I just dropped my phone into the water a week ago. It was so hectic that I couldn't even use any social webs or even to visit blogs through my phone. I only depend on my spare phone which is samsung galaxy ace (which I can only whatsapp) like wtf is going on?!

Okay, let's talk about the work first. I am the sales assistant at MC Vogue Boutique, which I bet most KL-ians knew it. Maybe. Yep. It was the first branch in Melaka (at AEON Bandaraya Melaka) & I applied to be their worker on their grand opening. 

I was told to start working right the next day I applied for it. Oh wow. I freeze. What can I do? It's all about commitment. If I can't make it now, I can never make it. So, here's the first day, second, thrid day of working, I was so tired because there are a lot of customers walked in the boutique, but it was fun because I got a very friendly, caring & sporting boss ever. 

It was not really tiring but I did not have that much time to spend with my phone because I go to work in the morning & went home at night or evening, I rest at home a bit & sleep or even spend my time with my family, chatting or reply all the chats, so.... I REALLY HAVE NO TIME FOR OTHERS ESPECIALLY MY LAPTOP.

Well, talking about my 'dropped phone', hmm I actually went to the toilet during my working time. It was an accident that I don't remember i bought my phone along to the toilet so I dropped it on a stagnant of water there.... and my phone turned off all of sudden. I cried. I cried. I cried. 

So, I sent my phone to be repaired & it costs only RM 200 which they only replace the screen & the battery because overall is okay (but I still haven't get it) because when the phone dropped that day, I dried my phone with the hand dryer in the toilet, so... yeah.

But, I really can't live without my phone that I finally bought a new phone (second hand one because I can't afford new one at the moment) but whatever, at least I got new one & it's worth! It's only 8 hours ago (current time is 9:40 p.m) hahaha I can't move on with my phone right now. Can't wait to have my old phone back together with me.

Well, it's my off day. I went to post office to cash out my ASB saving to buy a new phone, and here it is, my new phone. Then I went back to AEON to pick up my work mate to bring her to Tesco for a walk since she was on her break time. I'm still with my old habit which is 'casing collector'. I bought myself new casings btw!

Then I go around Parkson Melaka at Melaka Mall to look for my mom's handbag (a gift on Mother's Day soon) but the price is quite ridiculous because no attractive sales so i cried & went to Mydin Hypermarket Ayer Keroh to buy my mom a pair of new shoes at Vern's but haih the promoter did not serve me so I walked away like wtf? They sat at the counter doing nothing & expect me to serve myself or what?

So I ended bought myself a new Voir handbag which is on SALE! & yes, I finally found a handbag for my mom *thank God*. I get the chance to dropped by at Mango Float Royale melaka which is so popular and yes I am lame because it was my first time there but hey, when did I get the chance to go there btw.

It was so worth with just RM 5. It's not a big deal. It's so delicious & good, really. & hey, I dropped by at kip Mart just to walk around & guess what, I found another casing shop & grabbed 2 more hihihi money money money what you did to me.

But yeah, that's all I wanna share & talk about. Sorry if I did not make time for my blog, I'm still looking for free-time to upload & make new post soon.


  1. That Mango looks delicious!
    Anyway, totally understand how you have so little time when you start working especially in retail outlet but nevertheless, have fun, Azreen working at MC Vogue! 😄😄

  2. drooling and craving for that mango juice T^T
    all the best ya :D

  3. That mango juice 😭😭😭 Good luck in your work okay caiyok

  4. That mango juice is full of temptation..! Anyways, all the best with your life.. ^^

  5. @FatinaIkr xD yeah, I know it's totally tiring but Thank you!

  6. @BudakVanillaGrab one for you nanti! hahaha Thank you

  7. @Shesyira AsIt's so nice, you should try one day. Thank you btw :D


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