"Braces & Me" Story

This post story is because there are a lot of people keep asking me why did I wear braces? Where did I get my service from? Is that hurt? bla.. bla... bla... Well I know too much questions have been asked by so many people out there.

This post is made for me to answer all the questions that has been out people's mind & also, I am going to share my experience with you on why I wear braces, how I feel in the first week &  how it feels like. 

Well, Some people said my teeth are nice already, I shouldn't wear braces. Did I put on braces for fashion? Or trend? Oh well, let's begin the story.

They dais my teeth looks good, yes I admit. BUT, my teeth structure isn't good as it is seen. The position of my teeth is at it but it's not maintain at it's position. I It looks good if you see from the front, but nor from the side. It looks totally horrible.

And, most important is my bottom teeth. In the middle of the middle, there is a tooth which is slightly tilted to the next tooth, so in order to fix it right, I have to wear braces. I've tried teeth trainer but it's bloody hell hurt me so much.

And next, my bottom teeth is not 'U' shape. It crooked a bit which is near at the molar. Yes, I just realized when I check up my teeth. 

Actually, I've been wanted to wear braces since my high school year. But, I am a handball player. Well you know, handball is such a tough game so I think it is not necessary for me to get my braces on because I potentially get hurt all over my mouth.

I started to wear braces last year, during fast month. That is because I don't want to postpone any longer to put on braces because it's a waste. 

This is my first day of having braces


I get the home service, recommended by my friend. Besides affordable, it doesn't pull out my teeth or put on screw. The service is just to put braces on & let it work normally. But, there are disadvantages of doing it. It took a longer time than if you go to the clinic. That's it.


Well, I told you that I put on braces on Ramadhan. Yep, 2 days before Eid Festival. I know it sounds crazy I know I'm crazy already that's why. 

Well of course, during Eid Festival, I have to fast-not-too-fast again. I can't eat rendang, daging, any kind of SUPER YUMMY MEAL OMG! But you know, I can't really chew the food but I STILL EAT RENDANG. YES I AM. 

I slice the meat into tiny pieces and swallow them. Well, I'll do anything as long as I can eat. Swallowing the food is the best way so why not, right? But then, I lost appetite because I can't really eat food because it hurts so much.

There we go, I got ulcers everywhere. First, because the steel material itself got my mouth shocked. Second, I don't eat too much. Third, I don't drink because I'm crying. 

So this is a video on the first night of wearing braces. This is the time I bought sausage cheese because it looks damn good but... well...

How was it now? Well, I can't lie that I actually lost 3 brackets. Yes, I won't lie to you. Hahahaha it sounds so funny, I know. 3 out of 4 brackets, you know how worst it is right? But c'mon, this is Azreen. I don't really care about my braces. I admit that a lot. I slowly try to change my attitude but I couldn't stand seeing delicious food all around me.

Well if you ask me to choose between food & beauty, I would obviously choose food. Beauty? Well everyone wants to be beautiful but to starve myself just to look pretty is not me. Talk to my hand, please.


  1. i put on my braces a week after raya day. the pain is still bearable to me eventhough sometimes i can't eat a lot of food. but i will still choose food hehe

  2. @atheeraHahaha you are so me! Pain is nothing


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