Dating Etiquettes

I've shared this topic before but then I am thinking about making a new post with my new kind of typing so here it is. This is my topic for my assignment on Public Speaking subject when I was in semester 1 so I guess this topic could help lovebirds out there.

Dating is a meeting between two people, usually & basically a man & a woman. It is like the first step they take to fall in love, to get to know each other better & even to have a relationship in future. It is also being so well-known because some people take it seriously to find their life partner.

Dating is not only you go on date out for dinner or lunch together. It is all about heart & mind you throw to your partner. Yes, dating has some etiquettes! You might not know but it does. You guys are sometimes don't realised that you actually follow or not follow the etiquettes of dating. 

Don't be late

This is the most common things that you or people usually do. If you are on a date with someone, please make sure to prepare & get ready yourself early. This is because getting late can make the impression of your partner towards you become negative.

Your partner will also think that you are playing or not serious with the relationship thus, you have to get ready early especially girls. I know, girls take so much time to get prepared but don't use the excuse "Girls, normal lah" to hide away your mistake.

Set your time. Prepare early. You know yourself, you know how much time for you to take to get ready so, please be be alert with the time. It's not only on dating, but for all you do.

Don't talk about private things

Telling your partner about your private thing is a turn off to the conversation & even interest in you sometimes. This is because that topic is so unsuitable to be told in your conversation with your partner especially on your first date.

This could be a turn off on a date because sometimes private things are not necessary to be told. You can find & talk a lot of things like hot your day is going, how is your friendship with your friends & even how the food is like.

Find something beneficial to share & to talk about. You can only talk about private things when you guys can adapt each other's behaviour. Don't lose someone you love for things you can actually prevent from beginning.

Prevent from talking about future family

Dating may look simple, but have you ever know that talking about future like further dream of having children, big family & all is actually killing your partner? It is not something you cannot take serious because it is. It may annoy your partner unless your partner has already think about it.

Dating doesn't mean both of you are in a really serious relationship. Unless, you guys are worth living together

That is all I have for you. Simple yet very useful. Anything you wanna add?


  1. Thanks for the tips , im trying to seek this girl attention to ask her on a date but shes just playing hard to get , how do i get her attention until she finally said yes

  2. @AnonymousI do think that she has someone else in her mind but that's okay, keep on proving that you really love her. Maybe she had enough

  3. Great tips! Hihihi dating selalu pergi makan je, lepastu wayang. Nak sembang pun tak bnyk masa, haha.


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