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I was very busy with my student life at school, so I really have no time to write or even sneaking a minute to look at my blog. This semester is the most busiest semester ever for me as I have 7 core subjects. Oh well, that's student life that I need to face. Welp.

This is my long-time-idea post that I've been thinking to post it but it takes a lot of time (maybe because I did not give much desire to do it) so I do think this is the right time.

Well, everyone (or maybe not) have instagram accounts. For myself, I did not follow much artists or insta famous, I only follow a very limited people on instagram & also accepting requests from my friends or mutuals. ONLY.

However, there are some insta famous or public figure that I do think is reasonable for me to follow as I love how they manage their instagram accounts for some reasons. I would definitely list 5 of them because these 5 people is just the best for me.

Yusuf Iskandar (@theyusufiskandar)

I bet everyone knows him, who doesn't??? He is the most popular & cutest baby in Malaysia, I told you. I can't stand looking at his grumpy face and expressions. He's just one year old but he did good & well for some things. I do think that Hairul Azreen (not me okay) and Hanis Zalikha did a good job at raising him to be a good boy.

He is not just cute, he is some kind clever too. I watched all of his videos because I love to see his actions and gambol everywhere. I wish I can have a baby that looks and acts like him. 

You can also see that his instagram account has been verified as well as his parents. Congratulations Yusuf for this amazing achievement. At a year old age, he gets his profile veriufied while my followers did not even reach a thousand (cuz I am picky).

It is not regret for you guys to follow him. Follow him now at Yusuf Iskandar's Instagram ❤

Johanis Sani (

Johanis or known as Jo or I once called her acidgaf because that's her signature while ago but it's okay. She is 20 & pursues her studies at KDU College. She is a public figure or social media influencer in Malaysia or Asia I guess. 

I do love her videos, a lot. From reviewing products to lifestyle videos, everything is just lovely to me. I do love her slang too. I mean, she is not good in Malay but her English-Malay slang is just too cute. She is also super 'selamba' entertaining her haters. She doesn't give a damn about them all. 

I never really into influencers but Jo is doing good. She keeps her head low. She is so inspiring in fashions, makeup and lifestyle. I was totally shook when I get to know that she is paying the college fees herself without troubling her parents. I AM TOTALLY SHOOK. I love her, that's it. Follow her on instagram Johanis Sani's account.

Caprice (@capriceofficial)

I follow his instagram few months ago since the first day I watched his video regarding the most viral topic on Malaysia that time. I did not remember what was the video but it's not just the video that force me to follow him, but his accent. I am sooooo in love with his accent. How can he speaks good English with good accent? GOD.

Besides that, whatever thing goes viral, he will definitely comments on it through his one-minute video. I am a fan of him now but I did not say that I agree 100% of what his opinions are. Some people have different opinions with different kinds of views. But most of the time, I am on his side.

He is also a founder to some applications & the most popular application at the moment is! I even downloaded it on my Apple device for my reference. I no longer use other application since this is the most easy & user-friendly application I found. He is so inspiring! You guys can follow him on Caprice's account.

Elimira Ylyasova (@elle_four_mom)

My first impression towards her is she is so beautiful. Yet she already have 4 beautiful daughters, she still look young & pretty as always. The first reason I follow her is because of the cherries she have, Asiya & Safiya. Both of them are so cute & pretty, I can't!!!

They have such a very happy family with good living style based on my view. I mean, all of her daughters are so pretty at their age, what is happening while I am trying my best to look pretty without makeup. LOL?

Besides, I love to watch the videos of the cherries fighting each other & sometimes they take a very good care of each other, that is when my heart melts. Go follow her at Elle's account.

Vivy Yusof (@vivyyusof)

The most inspiring, favourite business woman, entrepreneur ever. At this young age, she is able to have a very successful company in collaboration with his business partner who is also her husband, Fadza Anuar. Besides seeing her successful life, I do love to see her family with two little pumpkins. They are sooo cute!

Seeing Daniel and Mariam speaking makes me feel like "why do they have better English than me?" hahaha but to be honest, I like her very, very much. Oh well, I do love how she's styling her OOTD. God, that's too perfect. She is now on Youtube guys, I watched her 2 uploaded videos (that's for now) & I even read her blog!

I also love how her husband take a really good care of her, I mean, they are so romantic like newlyweds. They are also very loving to their kids and parents. I watched Love, Vivy season 1 & 2 told to be truth. Go follow her, Malaysians! Vivy's account.

I am ashamed at the first place to write a post about these amazing people (when they are good in English but I don't. Yepz). But I really like them all. Somehow their accounts are my entertainment. Whenever I get boring over social medias, I would obviously scroll their account & find a way to make myself feel good.

Well guys, any of these people you follow? Or any suggested account you think I need to follow? Hit the comment box below & let me know!!!


  1. I love vivy yusof the most!! She is so funnyyyy

  2. Yusoff memang hsome sangat , rasanya rata2 semua orang akan follow IG dia.

    suka tengok Asiya &Safiya jugak. comel sgt twin tu

    1. Most people mesti follow dia sebab penenang hati hahaha

  3. The only account that I follow from this list is Vivy's. Just because I love her sense of humor :)

  4. I love Vivy Yusof! Apa je Vivy pakai (her OOTD is awesome everyday), rasa cantik je, Tue yang punca terjebak beli duck. Hehe. Serius, adore dia. Siqah baca blog dia jugak dan betapa rajinnya bila duk baca post dia sejak mula dia blogging. Vivy kelakar!

    Yusoff Iskandar, haih lah pemenang hati semua <3 Comel sangat. Suka tengok video dia.

  5. i love johanis, vivy and the twins so muchhhhh

  6. I love Vivy Yusof and Yusuf Iskandar! Those are my go-to Instagram accounts whenever I'm using my phone.

  7. I love Vivvy Yusof instagram. She is so funny and her son is so adorable!

    ☆ Atheera ☆

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