Budget Makeup Haul

Tell me right, I'm a cheapskate. Especially when it comes to makeups, I hate to spend much money on makeups. All my life has been with food. 24/7 with food. I would rather spend thousands for food rather than makeups. It's such a waste.

So, this post will be a dedication for all of the cheapskate out there! I hope this some of my makeup collection could help you to have a very good quality of makeup with the most budget price! Remember, 

Don't go broke just to look rich

Facial Mist Toner by Sasa
As for this face mist, I am currently and will always be using this one from Sasa. It's refreshing and goes well with my face, it makes my makeup lasts longer! The finishing is totally perfect & it is very recommended. It is very affordable! The scent is very sweet, you might need one too.

Price : RM 22.90

Maybelline BB Cushion
As for this BB cushion, I am very very love the Maybelline's packaging because the turquoise matte colour is damn perfect. I am not interested in foundation because it is fully coverage which I hate it cuz I want my skin to breathe freely. This is not fully coverage but it goes fine with me. I like it very much.

Price : RM 69.90 (Usually get discount at Watsons or Guardian or Hermo, costs me below RM 50)

Silkygirl Magic BB Cushion
As for this Magic BB Cushion, for me, it is just the same as Maybelline's but this one is much more matte than Maybelline but it's okay, gonna review and differentiate these two later hihihi. So, For those who wanted to look good without foundation, just a light and simple makeup, I recommend you guys to buy this BB cushion! You can find it anywhere in drugstores!

Price : RM 47.90 (There's discount sometimes at drugstores)

Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara
This is my favourite ever. Mascaras from Maybelline is so bae. I guarantee you guys, if you're looking for good mascara with cheap price, go for Maybelline. There are also Sensational Mascara, Falsies Push Up Drama, Magnum Volume Express mascara that totally good and makes your lashes longer and thicker.

Price : RM 35.90

Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner
I never like eyeliner because I am freaking bad at applying it. But, having one is a must. Nah, I have two. This glimmerstick eyeliner is perfectly fine because I only apply it a bit nearer to my lashes to give a natural look because I hate too much makeup on my face. Thinking how mak andam would act if I said this for my wedding makeup later xD

Price : RM 13.90 (If I'm not mistaken)

Avon Super Extend Extreme Eyeliner
Quite a long name, but told to be truth, this eyeliner is damn good. It makes you wings sharp and perfectly shape your eyes to look bold. Who says that Avon products are not good? It is as good as drugstores, but I do think the price is way cheaper than drugstores. Make a good investment, ladies.

Price : RM 18.90 (But someone told me it was actually cheaper, Idk)

SAVEE Matte Liquid Lipcream
I can honestly tell you that this lipcream is not really matte, it is semi matte but still good especially the colour. It is red but not too bold & vogue, it is suitable for those who want a red lipstick but the colour is just fine. However, this peels my lip layer off. It's drying. That's why I usually mix it with the Avon lipstick. It's better that way.

Price : RM 10

Avon True Colour Lipstick
This moisture lipstick is perfectly fine for you who doesn't love dry-lipstick; matte. I would truly recommend you to grab this lipstick as it well moisturize your lips everywhere you go. But I can't guarantee you it lasts longer as it wash off easily. 

Price : RM 39.90 (but it always cheaper, usually RM 25 below)

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick
This lipstick is not moisture at all; it is matte & I could say perfectly matte, I really love how the texture is like. Plus, the packaging is also nice as it's using black matte colour which looks exclusive and different. I totally love this collection.

Price : RM 36.90 (but usually get it at RM 25 below)

I actually have some other budget makeups that I bought from drugstores, this is just part of it. And some of the makeups aren't with me right now, I left them in my parents' car...... haih pray for my lipsticks guys. 

If you think that drugstores makeups aren't good, think again. Rather than having a fake pallete of Huda Beauty, why don't you go for palletes that been sold in drugstores? Save your skin, girls. It's either you want to be a beauty or a beast. 

So, any recommended budget makeup that you think is good to be shared with? Comment down below!


  1. Produk dari Avon memang okay cuma kadang kita terlepas pandang nak beli :)

  2. Yess, ang banyak perception pakai produk avon is a shame, oldskool

  3. I bought my make up from drugstore too. I need to save more for food! :P

    1. Yes! Food can make me happy, makeup is half happy half so-so

  4. Kalau ada yang harga budget tapi kualiti dabomb kenapa nak habiskan duit beli yang mahal2 kan. Hihihi.

    1. Yes, unless kalau afford something better & pricey, why not go for it


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