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Bad Beauty Habits


There's nothing perfect in this world, include the way we tale care of our own beauty. Yes, there's always a mistake/mistakes. However, have we ever know that these bad beauty habits can be prevented if we push ourself to do so?

My 3 Favourite Movies


Everytime I don't have any class or facing writer's block, movie is the best medium for me to release everything. Well, I'm not saying that I am movie addicts, but I enjoy watching some kind movies which is NOT thriller or horror. I hate those kind of movies because it scares me out of the hell.

It's Been A Long Time & Boat Noodle Now in Melaka!


Two topics/stories in a post, it doesn't give much trouble because they are so related to each other. On 1st of February, my old friends when I was form 2 & I went out together because it's been a really long time since we did not gathering. I mean, we never gather with most of us joined it.

Drama Review : Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu


This is my first drama review post on my blog, so I guess it doesn't give much trouble to me to tell you briefly the story of the drama itself. Well, I am not really a fan of 'typical Malay drama' but this drama is just good to watch until the very last episode.

January Haul


It's a mini January haul time! Well I don't shop much on January because I use money a lot to do assignment, to fill the fuel tank because there's a lot lot of outside assignment that is need to be done. Well however, I still manage to took some money to buy these things because they are run out already.

My Current Favourite Playlist


Well, I listen to music every single day. Not even one day I forgot to listen to music cuz to me, music is life. Music is a part of me. Like seriously, whatever I am doing, I will listen to music. Reading, eating, bathing & even when sleeping. Yes, I put on earphone when I go to bed just to listen to the song until I wake up *even though I'm not listening*