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My Go-to-class Makeup

This is my long ago drafted blog post. Now, I think it's time for me to publish it since it's rotten in my draft xD Beauty/makeup post take it turns, again. Well here you go, My Go-to Class Makeup.

November Bloglist


This is my first time conducting Bloglist segment since I think this is one of the important widget to be in my blog, and thus I can help nothing much but gaining viewers, readers & maybe followers to other bloggers blog. Well, I'm not really a good blogger who always update interesting story but i can help you guys with traffic to your blog.

A-Z Blog Topic Ideas


In case you guys are lack of ideas on what are you guys going to write on your blog, this posts is for you guys! Well, this is all I can help with because I have nothing much to share with you guys. I'm just going to make it in different way which is using alphabets from A to Z topic ideas. I guess I will soon make another posts with bucket of topic ideas but first, let's take a look at this first! I hope this can help you in making a good post later on!

My Obsession


Everyone has their own obsession towards something whether it is such an activity, drama, movie, stuff & things or even collection. For me, I've been so obsessed about something that almost every week I must have this new collection. At least, a month, I will buy 1 for my own satisfaction. Well, I've been obsessing this quite a long time ago since the first time I own a phone. My truly obsession towards this is when I saw lots of pretty & amazing designs which makes my phone looks better in every way.

10 Things That Annoy Me

Things are not always perfect, but we can make it perfect. In order to live in this world, not everything is going to be perfect as we expected. There are some things & people that are happening & thinking the same we want it to. So, that is why I tend to make this post, which is '10 Things That Annoy Me' in order to tell you guys what are those things that annoy me a lot. Well, in some way, I try so hard not to care about it & let this thing be. But when I grew older, these things are totally into my nerves. I just can't handle with these people especially that annoys me a lot in certain situation.

Be My Bloglist!


Looking at other's blog with a lot of bloglist as their most important widget makes me wonder, should I do the same thing? Yes, I should! It is one of the best way for me, myself to stalk my following blogs & also, my all-time favourite blog! Pssst, not really my following but also, my followers! In this case, it is somehow brings more viewers to other's blog so that I can help you gaining viewers & maybe followers.

How My Study Week Is Spent


Arriving at the end of semester 2 in UiTM is such a bless for me. Everything gets better when I already in semester 2 since I prepare for everything even though it is totally not a perfect preparation especially for assignments. During my part 1 time, I don't think I am able to get done my assignment perfectly since I never know how to start my assignment & I never know what to do. If only I could turn back time, I will do better since my part 1.

My Favourite Makeup Brand

Every girl obviously loves to wear makeup, so do I (but I'm not really into makeups & wearing it). However, I am still obsessed in collecting makeups as my favorite collection. Some girls prefer to wear makeups with various kind of brand, just like me. But, in all brands they buy & wear, there must be one or more brands that are the most favorite for them. 

My Blog Template

5/10/2016 Well Hi everyone!
How's your day today? I hope that everyone is in the pink of health! Well, this topic just crossed my mind since there are some people asked me about this which is the blog template! Yes, I know the new design of my blog is quite different with my old ones, but the changes I have made makes people love it more! Plus, it doesn't look like childish-pattern-of-blog. Lol me

Blogging Apps Stock

3/10/2016 I've been started to active blogging this year. Past years doesn't make me to active blogging. I admit that i'be been blogging since I was 13. Yes, 6 years back then. And all those stories I wrote on this blog is totally a lame story which I decided to delete them all & start a new fresh blog. All the templates, fonts, style are totally different from mine before. Turning back time, I don't have much followers as I am now, I don't even know how to design my blog properly, I don't have any ideas to write about on this blog. Well, I'm just 13-15 years old.

On-the-road Study

Well, it's been a long time since the day I wanted to write & post about this, but I couldn't get enough tips yet. But now, I am able to put all the ideas in one post for all drivers out there. I was so eager to post about this since I met & faced many stupid & uneducated drivers all around Malaysia.