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Tips Before Travelling

I've been for a short travel with my friends before. Well, I am very honoured to share with guys some tips that lying under lifestyle labels. However, I was very busy that I did not get the chance to even write up anything for past few days.

My Blogging Routine


I have to say this, I lost interest in writing/updating my blog slowly. I also lost interest to look up the viewers to my blog & all. Btw, If anyone wonder, how I blogging, this is the right post for you. I make this post to give you ideas on blogging. It's all about the time & even what I will do when I'm blogging. I guess this is a must-share post for you guys because it can be used by all bloggers out there who think that my routine is beneficial for you.

How To Plan Your Financial


Since I am a student & my biggest problem is money, I tend to give a little advise on how to plan your financial status. This is because my friends tend to waste their money to unimportant things that is for sure makes them run out of money to eat certain days.

How I Deal with Tough Times


I love to inspire people a lot, not because of my lifestyle or whatever. I just want people to be happy & live happily because I love to see how they continue their life happily like they are not burdened with tons of problems. Who doesn't feel happy seeing anyone else happy, right?



Have you ever feel so jealous towards someone? It doesn't matter what 'jealousy' it was, it may be because of their perfect features, their skills in education or maybe their perfection in life. I'm not going to deny that sometimes I get jealous over other's perfection especially to girls who can makeup themselves perfectly. I admit that I'm still a potato about makeups especially contouring. I only know basic makeup (not really basic) that I can go out to class. That's it.

Beauty Tips | Myth vs Fact


Every things that happen in our daily life has it's own myth & fact. Do you even know sometimes myth is the fact as well? But for me, I don't think so. Myth is even popular among people because they think it is true based on their own 'unsure' experience. Thus, it makes people start to believe myth is a fact. But it is not actually.

5 Things Under RM 5


I love to go to some kind of factory stores which sells things/stuff at the most cheapest price in town. There are also stores like 'kedai 2 ringgit' available all over Malaysia, it is anywhere to be found in Malacca. Fortunately there is Mr. DIY, a store which I visit often, very often!

2017 Must-watch Movies


Happy New Year! 2017 life!!! Well, a lot of things happen during the early of 2017. However it is, I feel thankful that I finally moved to another phase, adult phase! No more teen years, & I hope something higher in this year because I don't want the same thing happen to me all over again.

Today is My Birthday!


It's a blessing 3rd January, today is my Birthday!!! Well, I would like to wish for myself, Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday! I am no longer a teen, stepping right now into adult phase is a blessing I can say.