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What's In My Bag #2

Part 2 version is here, the first version I wrote was 3 years ago, and I think a lot of things changed because I am getting older (for sure) so it must be a necessary that you change a bit of your lifestyle. If you haven't read the first part of What's In My Bag, here's the link: What's In My Bag (2016) - it was in Malay.

Anyway, this time I'd like to focus on showing you guys my small bag I used to wear during almost everyday whenever I go out. I am currently hating to bring a lot of things with me, thus I prefer to keep it simple with bringing just few stuff in my bag.

Some people prefer to bring a large tote bag so it will be easier to put on everything, like makeup, tissues, powerbank, purse, I mean, almost everything. Been there, felt that. I used to bring like almost everything, including my "just-in-case-stuff", well every woman is like that. So, what do I usually bring in my small little bag? Only 3 stuff. Might be more, might be never less.

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Light Festival at Hang Tuah Centre, Melaka

Last few days, my friend asked me about this Light Festival that I didn't know the existence around Melaka at the moment as it announced through Facebook. She asked me to join her that night so since I am doing nothing at home, I did agree to join her that night. We took our way there after Maghrib, around 8:30 pm we reached our destination at Hang Tuah Centre.

The parking entrance fee is just RM 1 so it was not a big deal for us. The ticket fee to enter the Light Festival is RM 5 per head, free for kids below 3 and for senior citizens. Well, since I went there on weekend, the packs were insane, but still bearable. The festival space is not big but still afford to welcome such amount of people.

To be frankly honest, the lights are beautiful. I mean, it's worth for just RM 5 to have such quite reasonable view there. Although, I am not really satisfied as it has a lot to improve. Apart from the 'beautiful' light structure you see, there are parts that I wish they can fi…

My Current Playlist (Broken Version)

Photo Credit: HERE
I have nonsense mood for the past few days I don't even know why. Some people said I am being sendu all day all night but I'm not really, but sometimes, there are nights 'like that' strike me so I couldn't help myself to avoid. So, here are some songs from my playlist that I'm into at the moment.
Why - Bazzi Why do you need me when you know you don't need me?
It's tearing you apart
I leave you broken and shaken
And you still call me baby

Never Getting Over You - Colbie Caillat Take a good look at the pain in my face before you walk away Memorize all the hurt in my eyes or what I say I'm gonna give you what you wanted but my heart will never stop Tell you that I'm fine even though I'm not You're gonna know for the rest of your life this is true
Thank You For The Broken Heart - J Rice You were my only but not my last
You showed me lonely, and you made me put you in the past
But the most important thing you ever gave me
Was the one that …

Movie Review: Annabelle Comes Home

Photo Credit : HERE
I have this kind of love-hate relationship with horror movies. I love to watch it, but I know I'm a scaredy-cat that I might freaked the hell out when I watched this genre. Anyway, Annabelle is one of the most popular horror movies that I never missed, thus this time I decided that I must watch Annabelle Comes Home by hook or by crook.
I watched Annabelle Comes Home at TGV Cinema Central i-City Shah Alam with a whole bunch of my members, with baju kurung since we just finished raya at Sabrina's crib. It was fun because there were 8 of us, that's quite a lot for me.
Here's a brief about Annabelle Comes Home Directed by: Gary Dauberman Runtime: 100 mins Language: English In theater: 26 June 2019
Move to the movie, the movie Annabelle Comes Homes is a continued from Annabelle: Creation, where the Warren couple brought back the Annabelle and placed it in the glass box in a room full of spiritual things they collect. One day, they went off the house for …

Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence by Kayman Beauty Review

First and foremost, I must tell you that I have been waiting to lay my hands on these products a long time ago. If you read all the feedback and results the products give to consumers, it works totally wonder and that makes me want to try it. Kayman Beauty is a well-known local brand that is safe and guaranteed based on the experiment from its founder itself & that encourages me more to try this out.

Plus, I don't really trust local brands but seeing the efforts from the founder (literally not timbang kilo type of product) and reading the feedback, I think this product should get attention from ladies out there. Looking forward this product to be exported into international market.
Too much rants, I bought these 2 products which is Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence for RM 35 and RM 89 respectively. I bought from one of Kayman's agent that covers Shah Alam area. To be frankly honest, I bought these 3 months ago, which was in April. Let's talk about the products on…

An Open Letter For The Broken Souls

Photo Credit: HERE
I am dedicating this open letter to all broken souls especially my friends, who are battling with their own emotions, trying their best to pick up themselves when they are now at their lowest. I know, my friends are going through their hard times now, but remember that you guys are not facing this alone. There are a lot of people who love you guys cuz me too.
I'd like to thank my friends for giving me such inspiration to write this, since I am looking forward to write free-writing posts instead of focusing on what I usually do, I know I have been hiatus on blog for a month, because I am actually picking myself up too, until today. 
All broken souls out there, remember there are thousands of reasons to be happy,  why would you waste your time, thinking, regretting, mourning, for things that are unnecessary, for things that will never change, for things that hurt you, for things that made you lose yourself.
All broken souls out there,  things may be hard for you now, but it…

Let's Talk About Life and All

This is just a random post anyway, I just want to talk about life I am facing right now. Being a degree student is not easy I must tell; I only have 5 subjects for this semester and I have a lot of free time especially my weekend goes for 4 days straight starting from Friday to Monday and I know it is a good thing.
But well, the assignments are piling up day by day, the submission date is just around the corner and I'm still lost somewhere I don't even know. I mean, my lecturers aren't giving us direct instructions on what I need to do so me & my classmates did it freely; let's just hope we did it well. It's too different from my diploma years where everything is told with details. That's rough, tough & hard. But that is life anyway.

I am sorry that I went away from my blog for the past weeks, trying my best to pick myself up to what I have been facing for the last 2 weeks, I know this is not easy for me but eventually, I'll get through this. I hon…