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Let's Talk About Life and All

This is just a random post anyway, I just want to talk about life I am facing right now. Being a degree student is not easy I must tell; I only have 5 subjects for this semester and I have a lot of free time especially my weekend goes for 4 days straight starting from Friday to Monday and I know it is a good thing.
But well, the assignments are piling up day by day, the submission date is just around the corner and I'm still lost somewhere I don't even know. I mean, my lecturers aren't giving us direct instructions on what I need to do so me & my classmates did it freely; let's just hope we did it well. It's too different from my diploma years where everything is told with details. That's rough, tough & hard. But that is life anyway.

I am sorry that I went away from my blog for the past weeks, trying my best to pick myself up to what I have been facing for the last 2 weeks, I know this is not easy for me but eventually, I'll get through this. I hon…

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