Random Q&A


What a bright morning today  I'm having a normal lifestyle & routine like I always did. Nothing much. This topic is brought to my mind when I was scrolling my twitter timeline & I saw a girl keep posting her answers to some questions on ask.fm. I was thinking to let you guys ask me through the ask.fm (my new ask.fm account).

Azreen's Talk


It's been weeks since I did update my last post, isn't it? Well, I told ya that I have a lot of draft posts which I am going to fully write it up, and some of them have already done but I just don't have time to post them. Why and why? Well, let's take a time to talk about it.

Signs of Relationship Problem


By the time you reading this, I am probably at the outlet where I am currently working as a full-time worker because I am having 5 months of semester break! Should I be happy or nah? thank you UiTM Di Hatiku.

Not all relationship lasts longer or forever. Sometimes, it may comes to its end. Why? That is because of problems the partners face during their relationship times. The inability to save their relationship may leads to separation. Thus, it is all up to the partners self to endure the challenges & overcome their problems together.

Online Buyers, Please Read


I always always think about this topic. I think I really should say my mind. I'm an online buyer too, but i'm not saying that I'm the best buyer anyone can have. I do feel how pressure it is when buyers ask too many questions about the product that has been stated on the caption right away. I am an online seller, and I really know the pain when customers ask such thing.

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