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Ideas During Covid-19 Restriction Movement Order

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Hi! I know I've been missing in action for a month or two. I am now back for good, I hope I can keep this up forever, pray for me. Well, Malaysia is currently under Restriction Movement Order where we are advised to control our movement and only go out for necessary things, we can't even go across the state border unless for a valid reason.
Plus, even almost everything should be stopped at the moment; except for some services that might be needed for the country and for public. Well yes, I am talking about my studies. We do not have any classes but the most shocking part is even e-learning/class should not be available until 12 April for UiTM (including mid semester break).
Let me start with some ideas during the RMO, these are some ideas that I have done and some might be on the list for me to do sooner.
Binge watch movies/TV series/Netflix I am still searching for good movies to watch during this quarantine days, so if you have any good movies to share with…
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How to Create & Publish Your Own Instagram Filter? (with one simple crown effect tutorial)

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine right now. My Instagram followers know that I have been making Instagram filters, I am so amazed that I finally made it! Well, I am not going rant much about how I observe ways to make it, I'm gonna go straight to the point on How to Create Your Own Instagram/Facebook Filters!
First of all, you must know the basic concept. Well, all the filters are an Augmented Reality (AR) technology where computer-generated images appear on real life through technology devices. Well, I have to face this AR subject in semester 5 later on, so why don't I expose myself to this first, right? Okay, let's begin. 
Things You Need: 1. Laptop 2. Smartphone 3. A Facebook account (compulsory) 4. Spark AR Studio (Download here)
This tutorial will take you less than 10 minutes if you mastering at this. I took less than 5 minutes and I'm pretending to be surprised by it. Oh, before I forgot, don't forget to try out my Instag…

What 2019 Has Taught Me So Far?

Credit photo: Pinterest (I forgot to get the direct link)
In a blink of an eye, we have reached the end of 2019. Time flies so fast, I still remember celebrating my new year eve at home, and celebrating my birthday 2 days after at work, where I had to go to work because of that one person trying to sabotage me the time I said "I want to celebrate my birthday with this one person, gonna have a small party", lol everything is still fresh on my mind.
Okay put that aside, I have still a lot to talk about my 2019 as it has been a roller coaster ride for me. Laughs and tears have been very synonym to my life all the year. Started off my January a bit bad with all the lies, then February where I quit my job because I further my studies (but in a very bad way) well, then March has been so good and in April I had my Diploma Convocation day & most good things happened on April. And it all went disaster after that. I must say, a totally disaster to my mental health.
Through every u…

Maggi Pedas Giler (Unfair) Challenge

Hi guys! So I did this Maggi Pedas Giler (but unfair) Challenge featuring myself & my friend, Hani on this video on YouTube! It would be great if you could show us support by watching this video on my YouTube channel.
The purpose of this video is just for fun & to fill our weekend previously so it would be great if you guys could spend your 10 minutes ONLY watching this. 
P/s: I am sorry that I have been hiatus on my blog for almost 2 months because you have no idea how insane my Degree schedule is. I will try my best to post one or two content for a month, I will make it possible, InsyaAllah. Til the next post!

What's In My Bag #2

Part 2 version is here, the first version I wrote was 3 years ago, and I think a lot of things changed because I am getting older (for sure) so it must be a necessary that you change a bit of your lifestyle. If you haven't read the first part of What's In My Bag, here's the link: What's In My Bag (2016) - it was in Malay.

Anyway, this time I'd like to focus on showing you guys my small bag I used to wear during almost everyday whenever I go out. I am currently hating to bring a lot of things with me, thus I prefer to keep it simple with bringing just few stuff in my bag.

Some people prefer to bring a large tote bag so it will be easier to put on everything, like makeup, tissues, powerbank, purse, I mean, almost everything. Been there, felt that. I used to bring like almost everything, including my "just-in-case-stuff", well every woman is like that. So, what do I usually bring in my small little bag? Only 3 stuff. Might be more, might be never less.


Light Festival at Hang Tuah Centre, Melaka

Last few days, my friend asked me about this Light Festival that I didn't know the existence around Melaka at the moment as it announced through Facebook. She asked me to join her that night so since I am doing nothing at home, I did agree to join her that night. We took our way there after Maghrib, around 8:30 pm we reached our destination at Hang Tuah Centre.

The parking entrance fee is just RM 1 so it was not a big deal for us. The ticket fee to enter the Light Festival is RM 5 per head, free for kids below 3 and for senior citizens. Well, since I went there on weekend, the packs were insane, but still bearable. The festival space is not big but still afford to welcome such amount of people.

To be frankly honest, the lights are beautiful. I mean, it's worth for just RM 5 to have such quite reasonable view there. Although, I am not really satisfied as it has a lot to improve. Apart from the 'beautiful' light structure you see, there are parts that I wish they can fi…

My Current Playlist (Broken Version)

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I have nonsense mood for the past few days I don't even know why. Some people said I am being sendu all day all night but I'm not really, but sometimes, there are nights 'like that' strike me so I couldn't help myself to avoid. So, here are some songs from my playlist that I'm into at the moment.
Why - Bazzi Why do you need me when you know you don't need me?
It's tearing you apart
I leave you broken and shaken
And you still call me baby

Never Getting Over You - Colbie Caillat Take a good look at the pain in my face before you walk away Memorize all the hurt in my eyes or what I say I'm gonna give you what you wanted but my heart will never stop Tell you that I'm fine even though I'm not You're gonna know for the rest of your life this is true
Thank You For The Broken Heart - J Rice You were my only but not my last
You showed me lonely, and you made me put you in the past
But the most important thing you ever gave me
Was the one that …