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Graduation Day!

I have been waiting for this time to write on my blog. This is the most awaited moment for me as a student, ever since I finished my Diploma last year on June. Of course, 5 semesters in Diploma has taught me a lot and I am very thankful to myself that I survived.
Upon this opportunity, I’d like to thank my friends (FAME, BBJ and my MC110A or MC110Akmal eww) for being there for me when I needed, for the supports and help during my Diploma years. This is the best platform for me to thank each one of you guys because without you guys, I might have drowned somewhere else hahaha.
Shall we start with my FAME babes first? My biggest supporters, my family, my girlfriends, my through-thick -and-thin rangers and my everything. Well, FAME stands for Fa, Azreen, Madine & Elia. I don’t even know how I can be into this group when I clearly have no idea when it started. It was just a coincidence that we planned to go out together and there we go; it became a group & we are doing good until…

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