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Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence by Kayman Beauty Review

First and foremost, I must tell you that I have been waiting to lay my hands on these products a long time ago. If you read all the feedback and results the products give to consumers, it works totally wonder and that makes me want to try it. Kayman Beauty is a well-known local brand that is safe and guaranteed based on the experiment from its founder itself & that encourages me more to try this out.

Plus, I don't really trust local brands but seeing the efforts from the founder (literally not timbang kilo type of product) and reading the feedback, I think this product should get attention from ladies out there. Looking forward this product to be exported into international market.
Too much rants, I bought these 2 products which is Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence for RM 35 and RM 89 respectively. I bought from one of Kayman's agent that covers Shah Alam area. To be frankly honest, I bought these 3 months ago, which was in April. Let's talk about the products on…
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An Open Letter For The Broken Souls

Photo Credit: HERE
I am dedicating this open letter to all broken souls especially my friends, who are battling with their own emotions, trying their best to pick up themselves when they are now at their lowest. I know, my friends are going through their hard times now, but remember that you guys are not facing this alone. There are a lot of people who love you guys cuz me too.
I'd like to thank my friends for giving me such inspiration to write this, since I am looking forward to write free-writing posts instead of focusing on what I usually do, I know I have been hiatus on blog for a month, because I am actually picking myself up too, until today. 
All broken souls out there, remember there are thousands of reasons to be happy,  why would you waste your time, thinking, regretting, mourning, for things that are unnecessary, for things that will never change, for things that hurt you, for things that made you lose yourself.
All broken souls out there,  things may be hard for you now, but it…

Let's Talk About Life and All

This is just a random post anyway, I just want to talk about life I am facing right now. Being a degree student is not easy I must tell; I only have 5 subjects for this semester and I have a lot of free time especially my weekend goes for 4 days straight starting from Friday to Monday and I know it is a good thing.
But well, the assignments are piling up day by day, the submission date is just around the corner and I'm still lost somewhere I don't even know. I mean, my lecturers aren't giving us direct instructions on what I need to do so me & my classmates did it freely; let's just hope we did it well. It's too different from my diploma years where everything is told with details. That's rough, tough & hard. But that is life anyway.

I am sorry that I went away from my blog for the past weeks, trying my best to pick myself up to what I have been facing for the last 2 weeks, I know this is not easy for me but eventually, I'll get through this. I hon…

Euro Park Fun Fair, Shah Alam

Well, hi. So, harini actually, I just started nak buat blog post in both Bahasa Melayu & English, selang seli or tengok lah macam mana, so this will be my first Bahasa post ever! I tahu, I tak ada lah fully write dalam Malay tapi I will try my best untuk center kan penggunaan bahasa Melayu I dalam penulisan I kali ni even though for sure, I still akan letak bahasa rojak. Maybe after this I akan letak fully Malay, atau pun I akan minimize kan lagi penggunaan bahasa inggeris dalam blog post I yang I tulis dalam bahasa Melayu.

Okay, actually, I terfikir nak buat certain topic yang I rasa worth untuk semua orang baca tak kira gender, races, religions, states everything I buat dalam English so I boleh lah reach other countries punya readers, but untuk benda-benda yang more towards locally, I rasa I blog dalam Malay. Wish me luck!
So harini, the reason why I nak blog dalam Malay sebab of course, pasal fun fair dalam Malaysia, semestinya! I rasa most of you guys pernah dengar pasal Euro…

Graduation Day!

I have been waiting for this time to write on my blog. This is the most awaited moment for me as a student, ever since I finished my Diploma last year on June. Of course, 5 semesters in Diploma has taught me a lot and I am very thankful to myself that I survived.
Upon this opportunity, I’d like to thank my friends (FAME, BBJ and my MC110A or MC110Akmal eww) for being there for me when I needed, for the supports and help during my Diploma years. This is the best platform for me to thank each one of you guys because without you guys, I might have drowned somewhere else hahaha.
Shall we start with my FAME babes first? My biggest supporters, my family, my girlfriends, my through-thick -and-thin rangers and my everything. Well, FAME stands for Fa, Azreen, Madine & Elia. I don’t even know how I can be into this group when I clearly have no idea when it started. It was just a coincidence that we planned to go out together and there we go; it became a group & we are doing good until…

Floyd's Kitchen Cafe Review

Looking for a hipster cafe with nice surrounding & cool interior? I bet you are going to love this one cafe (of course it is Floyd's Kitchen). I have been here 2nd time where I was thinking I should make a review on this because I think it is worth to share with you guys.

But before that, disclaimer, of course. This is an honest review & not be paid by any individuals. All stuff written here is from myself & my experience.

I didn't manage to take the cafe picture because I was here at night Photo credit: HERE
Before I bid goodbye to my colleagues, we managed to spend time again together after we went to Leezo Container, and this time there were only 3 of us because we are better together (if you know what I mean). I decided the place which is Floyd's Kitchen because I went here once with my family & I think it is a nice place for us to have our meal together. The place is so cool like, I mean, the environment is so cozy.
Shall we talk about the food first b…

OOTD Post!

Photo credit: HERE
Been looking for a fashion post to pop on my blog? Now is the time. OOTD entry takes place for this March. Well, this post is not a really highlighting my 'stunning' OOTD, just a simple ones that maybe you look up to & casuals to wear to class or even for a walk.

If you know me well, you will know that I am totally a shy person so to be fashionable & be different is not my thing. I really have zero confidence wearing something good & stunning or even something different. I would go for something casual, easy to wear & make sure nothing special about my outfit because I hate when some catches their eyes on me. Let's get started! Uh wait, before that, please forgive my pose hehehe.

This is my latest OOTD post on instagram, during my degree life now. Well, I usually go for casual wear so it more comfortable for me because I need to walk & hike just to go to my faculty & I know I will sweat a lot. Well, Guess where I bought the bag f…