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What's In My Bag #2

Part 2 version is here, the first version I wrote was 3 years ago, and I think a lot of things changed because I am getting older (for sure) so it must be a necessary that you change a bit of your lifestyle. If you haven't read the first part of What's In My Bag, here's the link: What's In My Bag (2016) - it was in Malay.

Anyway, this time I'd like to focus on showing you guys my small bag I used to wear during almost everyday whenever I go out. I am currently hating to bring a lot of things with me, thus I prefer to keep it simple with bringing just few stuff in my bag.

Some people prefer to bring a large tote bag so it will be easier to put on everything, like makeup, tissues, powerbank, purse, I mean, almost everything. Been there, felt that. I used to bring like almost everything, including my "just-in-case-stuff", well every woman is like that. So, what do I usually bring in my small little bag? Only 3 stuff. Might be more, might be never less.

Definitely. A bag without purse is like... you either a messy person or you are type that brings along your card only, or your bag has already card & cash slot inside. I prefer to bring this type of small coin pouch with card slots because it is easier fits well with my small bag. I put certain of my cards which I think I might use and left the rest on my card holder at home & only bring along only if I am certain I will use it later.

My go-to makeup is of course, lipstick. I won't leave my lipstick even with my small handbag because for me lipstick is the most important makeup for me as a girl. I don't care about any other makeup but lipstick, is a really must. I always take a good care of my lipstick even when I eat or do anything, I wouldn't mind for not putting any other makeup, but not lipstick for sure. I always bring along my favourite makeup, OMG Powder Matte Lipstick by Silkygirl because it not liquid type, so it will be easier for me to apply it anywhere.

My phone is the most precious thing I have ever had. I can't even leave my phone even for a while because phone is like my life. I have everything in it from account number, passwords and even messages for important things. I always bring my phone everywhere and I rarely hold my phone, instead I put it in my bag because I hate being distracted from anything I want to do with my phone. Phone is a distraction and a leisure kind of technology that is somehow so much important in one's life.

That is all I have in my bag since I really hate to bring big handbag everywhere unless it is needed. These are the 3 things I usually bring in my small bag, the secret is now revealed. I suggest you guys to share the same things on what's inside your bag in your post and drop your blog link down below! Have a nice day ahead, everyone.


  1. i think lipstick is a must to get away from 'pucat' look. i rasa macam tak boleh keluar kalau lipstick takde kat dalam bag

  2. I enjoy reading this! I mentioned you in my post hehe. Do read if you're interested :)

    1. Read yours!!! I love your post & thank you for that xx

  3. Samaaaa. 3 brg wajib ada dlm beg. kalau malas bawak purse semata ja hehe phone & lipstick pun dlm purse haha

  4. I love how simple the stuff inside your bag is.

    1. Thank you! This is just me being so malas to bring a lot


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