D'Laksa Personal Review

Honestly, I have the chance to try out a lot of food in Melaka from different places and I would like to make a review, which is an honest review about it. So today, I'd like to make a review about D'Laksa. I am sure that some Malaccan know about this, it is quite not-so-new but not-so-old to me. Here's a little introduction about D'Laksa.

Anyway, I have some drafted posts that I am looking to finish them all and surprisingly, everything is about restaurants/food! Will find my time to settle everything as soon as possible!

Source : D'Laksa Website

For you guys information, D'Laksa is not available in all states, it is only available at some places which I listed below (source from D'Laksa Website)

Johor Bahru
  • Aeon Mall Bukit Indah
  • Aeon Mall Dato' Onn
  • Aeon Mall Permas Jaya
  • Aeon Mall Tebrau City
  • Sutera Mall
  • Ksl City

  • Aeon Queensbay Mall

  • Hougang Mall
  • Compass One
  • Century Square

Kuala Lumpur/Selangor
  • Aeon Mall Taman Maluri
  • Aeon Puchong IOI
  • Aeon Mall One Utama
  • Aeon Mall Shah Alam
  • Aeon Mall Mid Valley
  • Aeon Mall Wangsa Maju
  • My Town Mall, Cheras

  • Dataran Pahlawan
  • Aeon Mall Bandaraya Melaka

  • Amanjaya Mall

Well basically, I saw a lot of people posted a picture/boomerang/stories about D'Laksa & I am eagerly want to know where they had the Laksa. So then my friend told me it is available at Aeon Mall Bandaraya Melaka which is soooo near to my house so I think I should try once.

At D'Laksa, they provide us 3 menu which are Asam Laksa, Rojak Buah & Asam Fishball.

  • Asam Laksa : RM 6.50
  • Rojak Buah : RM 4.50
  • Asam Fishball : RM 4.50
  • Great Deals set consists of 2 Asam Laksa, 1 Rojak Buah, 1 Asam Fishball for RM 20.50

*the prices are excluded 6% rate of service charge

Let's talk about the menu one by one, shall we?

Asam Laksa  
For RM 6.50 a bowl, I think it is a great deal, superb affordable price & pocket friendly. The taste is not as pure as the normal Laksa one, but I guarantee you they are using Sardine instead of any other types of fish, which I can say the taste is quite good! For your additional information, the original Laksa is actually using Sardine to make the kuah, that is the original recipe. So I'd like to give 3/5 for Asam Laksa!

Asam Fishball
Asam Fishball has 5 pieces of big fishball, cooked with kuah laksa. They serve us Asam Fishball with kuah laksa together, feeling like eating Udon at Family Mart cuz Malacca doesn't have one *roll eyes*. The price is RM 4.50 (RM 4.75inc 6%tax) which I think is affordable too. I don't have proper picture of this Asam Fishball because I made boomerang of it a day before I decided to share it with you guys about D'Laksa.

Rojak Buah
The rojak buah by D’Laksa is just nice, but it’s quite sweet rather than a bit spicy like how Malaysian used to make kuah rojak. For me, it’s still good & yummy. Rojak buah included pineapple, guava & sengkuang in it. Yeah, for me it’s not that much of ingredients but it’s still good. If they put a lot more of fruits, it will be great.

Service: Service by D'Laksa crew at AEON Bandaraya Melaka was good, fast & tolerant. Thank you for the good service!

Rate for the taste of kuah asam Laksa? Definitely 3/5. I would suggest you guys to try them out if you found this stall somewhere stated! I would guarantee the taste is nice & fills up your tummy with super duper affordable price! Go get a bowl of Asam laksa at D’Laksa now or never! Hehe

P/s: 3 days in a row eating this Asam Laksa with my collegues, the struggle to drive from Tesco to Aeon (which is just an inch away) is real.

Anyway, have you ever tried any of the menu from D’Laksa? Share your experience now! 


  1. Wow ! Good for you. I don't even eat laksa 😂

    1. OMG Really? Hahaha it's okay, you can try rojak then xD

  2. Lenne tak makan laksa pun but kuah dia ni sumpah sedap bagi Lenne.

    lenne | blog

  3. Selalu je lalu depan kedai diorg but tak pernah try langsung since I'm not a fan of sardine laksa..

    1. Aaahhh, I see. Then try their rojak 😂🤙🏻

  4. selalu makan asam fishball bila tadak idea nak makan apa dan dah jemu dengan kfc. kalau nak something hot spicy memang makan ni. harga pun okay.

    1. Kaaannn. Asam fishball dia dah lah besar, kenyang!

  5. Laksa!!! I love laksa to death walaupun laksa tu tak sedap akan habiskan jugak lol

  6. Dah dua kali makan kat MyTown. Sedaplahhhh menepati citarasa Mai walaupun ada kawan cakap masin la apa la. hahaha. Wajib letak shrimp paste, yummy!


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