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My Hair-care Routine with Good Virtues Co. Products

Okay, this is a serious talk. I have now updated my hair care routine since the old ones are not really a good one for me, but honestly, I am going to just give an honest review on this, as it doesn't really good to me but I think this is quite a great deals everyone should buy. Anyone of you ever heard GVC products? I bet you guys ever seen it & knows about Good Virtues Co. products! Well I am attracted to their products because of their packaging for sure! They are definitely have a beautiful & nice packaging. The reason why I bought these 3 things for my hair care routine from now onwards. Lately, or maybe I can say since I started working, my head feels itchy almost all the time & that is when I realised that I have dandruff problem all over my hair. This is seriously disgusting & tense, I honestly hate dandruff the most & I can't believe I hate it now. That is when I am eagerly wanted to try a new product for my hair, & I found out that the