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How to Create & Publish Your Own Instagram Filter? (with one simple crown effect tutorial)

Photo credit:  Pinterest Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine right now. My Instagram followers know that I have been making Instagram filters, I am so amazed that I finally made it! Well, I am not going rant much about how I observe ways to make it, I'm gonna go straight to the point on How to Create Your Own Instagram/Facebook Filters! First of all, you must know the basic concept. Well, all the filters are an Augmented Reality (AR) technology where computer-generated images appear on real life through technology devices. Well, I have to face this AR subject in semester 5 later on, so why don't I expose myself to this first, right? Okay, let's begin.  Things You Need: 1. Laptop 2. Smartphone 3. A Facebook account (compulsory) 4. Spark AR Studio ( Download here ) This tutorial will take you less than 10 minutes if you mastering at this. I took less than 5 minutes and I'm pretending to be surprised by it. Oh, before I forgot, don