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Leezo Container Melaka

I know you guys been missing my blog so much, did you? I know I am too busy with my working schedule where I really have no time for myself, plus my blog. I know I procrastinate a lot during my break day but yeah, I was too busy handling other things apart from my blog. Well, I am now currently not working - which I resigned last week because I am going into University life again as a Degree Student! Alhamdulillah, I got to be in Publishing course which I really wanted to, in UiTM Shah Alam! See you there, SAC. So today I'm gonna talk about food in Melaka. Put this on one of your must-go place when you reach Melaka. It's all about Leezo Container, Melaka . Well I went there because my colleagues & I just wanted to do some "us time" together as we rarely hangout because of work, you know. What's all about Leezo Container? You can definitely click  Leezo Container Website  for more details, about their branches & menus for sure. Well firs