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Ideas During Covid-19 Restriction Movement Order

Credit:  Pinterest Hi! I know I've been missing in action for a month or two. I am now back for good, I hope I can keep this up forever, pray for me. Well, Malaysia is currently under Restriction Movement Order where we are advised to control our movement and only go out for necessary things, we can't even go across the state border unless for a valid reason. Plus, even almost everything should be stopped at the moment; except for some services that might be needed for the country and for public. Well yes, I am talking about my studies. We do not have any classes but the most shocking part is even e-learning/class should not be available until 12 April for UiTM (including mid semester break). Let me start with some ideas during the RMO, these are some ideas that I have done and some might be on the list for me to do sooner. Binge watch movies/TV series/Netflix I am still searching for good movies to watch during this quarantine days, so if you have any go