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What 2019 Has Taught Me So Far?

Credit photo: Pinterest (I forgot to get the direct link) In a blink of an eye, we have reached the end of 2019. Time flies so fast, I still remember celebrating my new year eve at home, and celebrating my birthday 2 days after at work, where I had to go to work because of that one person trying to sabotage me the time I said "I want to celebrate my birthday with this one person, gonna have a small party", lol everything is still fresh on my mind. Okay put that aside, I have still a lot to talk about my 2019 as it has been a roller coaster ride for me. Laughs and tears have been very synonym to my life all the year. Started off my January a bit bad with all the lies, then February where I quit my job because I further my studies (but in a very bad way) well, then March has been so good and in April I had my Diploma Convocation day & most good things happened on April. And it all went disaster after that. I must say, a totally disaster to my mental health.