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100+ Blog Post Ideas

25/11/2016 Whenever I am out of idea to write on blog, this will be my must-do post for all bloggers who are having trouble in choosing what post are you going to make. Well, this just crossed my mind & I did nothing that time so I type anything I like on notes in my laptop & it is very surprising when it reaches more than 100 blog post ideas. I type everything that crossed my mind but I seriously never thought it would be this way.

SAVEE Products at RM 1

18/11/2016 Who doesn't wear skincare, am I right? Yes, it doesn't matter how many types of skincare brand you use, it's all a must-have for us, especially girls! Who doesn't love their skin btw? Well, I was totally shocked when I get to know that there are this brand which offers RM 1 for most of the items they are selling. I couldn't help myself but expense it as much as I can!